This Week In Gear

Masculine, innovative finds from around the web that range from practical and affordable to lusty-worthy and ground-breaking.


Pocket-Sized Sound

There's clearly no shortage of portable speakers these days, but Nude Audio's Super M is water-proof, sand-proof and small enough to fit in the back pocket of your jeans. TechCrunch has all the details.

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Text in the Wild

Highsnobiety introduces us to goTenna, a small, rugged device that pairs wirelessly with your smartphone to allow you to send text messages directly with others even when you don't have service—no towers, Wi-Fi or satellites required.


Bike Multi-tool

Legendary bicycle saddle maker Brooks now makes what Cool Material calls the perfect cycling multi-tool. "It has just about everything you'll need for on the road bike repairs."

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Every Mile Counts

Speaking of riding, Gear Patrol, tests out the five best bike computers. "Whether you're racing for PRs or jockeying for a podium spot, the only way you truly know you're getting better, faster and stronger is having the hard numbers that track the hard work."

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One-Hour Photo

Uncrate has stumbled upon an interesting new photo app that takes an hour to develop. "As the app forces you to stay in the moment and applies a smooth black and white film emulation. It might not make sense, but it's also free, so you have little excuse to not give it a try."

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