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Having some trouble interpreting the series of hieroglyphics on the back of your clothes label? The 'care instructions,' as they're referred to, don't do much instructing, so please see allow us to decode and then offer real world translations.

Explainer: Dry Cleaning

Everything you wanted to know about dry cleaning (but were afraid to ask the person behind the counter).

Explainer: Hangers

Treat your clothes like you care by outfitting your closet with the right hangers for the job.

Explainer: Shirt Collars

Do you know the difference between a point and spread collar? How about the club collar's return?

Explainer: Tie Knots

There are 85 official ways to tie your necktie. You only really need to have four in your arsenal of sartorial skills. Allow us to explain.

How to: Remove Stains

A splash of Merlot. A drip of coffee. They suck the cool right out of you. But with the right supplies you can restore your rep.


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