{02.14.13} Trends


From left: Exploded gingham shirt, $78 and white denim, $98 and gingham shirt, $78 and slim chinos, $88 all by Bonobos. (Photo: Ben Watts)

Having a Moment

Be Bold

The future's looking so bright, you might need some shades. Despite the temperatures outside, the first rounds of spring merchandise is hitting stores and bold is big this season. From top to bottom, smart pieces in brilliant, pop art colors offer the chance to electrify your everyday kit. Just make sure to wear them one at at time—unless you want the double takes.


M65 jacket, $275 by Club Monaco


Panama dot tie, $80 by Brooks Brothers


Unlined blazer, $168 by Onassis


Faja belt, $89 by J. Press York St.


Ripstop sneakers, $75 by New Balance


Cable cardigan, $185 by Gant Rugger

1 in 10
The number of men that the have some form of color blindness.

(Source: National Library of Medicine)




Be Bold








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