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    Massif has an extensive, global team of field testers that challenge the brand's gear under extreme real-world conditions to constantly improve each design's performance.
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Field coat, $425 / $255


Officer jacket, $595 / $357


Brit sweater, $450 / $270

You've likely never heard of Massif. But they're probably okay with that. After all, for more than a decade, access to the Oregon-based company was basically on a need-to-know basis. You see, when the military, CIA or SWAT teams needed rugged, specialized garments they turned to Massif. And when we say rugged and specialized, we mean highly technical and flame-resistant. Recently, the company decided to broaden its customer base from troops and operatives to regular guys with a dangerous streak. The new line, code named Massif Collection, is a small batch of tailored sportswear in luxe fabrics with some of the same technology used in their military-grade garments. At first glance, the clothes may not look all that advanced, but upon closer inspection, stealth details emerge. Several jackets have hidden pockets. And nearly everything is outfitted with built-in stretch, ergonomic shaping and water repellency, along with antimicrobial treatments to fight against germs and odor—all to ensure you can handle anything life throws your way.












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