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Born in Detroit: Tuesday, 9 pm EST, on Faction Radio (Sirius 28, XM 52).

Satellite Style

It only makes sense that John Varvatos would get a radio show. He put Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop in his ad campaigns. He reinvented Converse's classic Chuck Taylor. He turned CBGB into a living memorial (where you can also buy a suit). And tomorrow he'll launch a monthly satellite radio show, "Born in Detroit," broadcasting live from his CBGB boutique in the Bowery, where the New York Dolls will be performing. "I want to take listeners on a journey from the past to the present, with music from the Motor City and interviews with those who've been influenced by it," says Varvatos, a Motown native. "So I'm excited to kick it off with a live show like this." But it's not all reminiscing about the good old days. Like any good DJ, the designer's also looking for the next big thing with a battle of the bands competition. First prize? A spot on stage at the Bowery shop and no doubt, some one-on-one time with Varvatos on air.

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Satellite Style

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