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Shoe Week

We've already discussed classics like Top-Siders and white bucks. This week, we're presenting the season's best shoes, all for under $100.

  • Keep white shoes bright, clean and odor-free by tossing them in your washing machine's gentle cycle every six weeks (or as needed). Then let them air dry.

The Slip-On

The white canvas sneaker is a summer essential. Simple, low-key and as comfortable as it is versatile, it's the ideal all-purpose footwear choice when the weather gets warm. But this summer, Converse—purveyor of the most famous canvas sneaker—is giving their signature shoe a summer update with the "Chuck It" All Star. Modeled after the iconic Chuck Taylor, this lightweight version swaps the canvas for a breezy nylon mesh, which has lined at the toe for comfort. To make it even easier, the shoe is laceless so you can simply slip it on and off. It's as close as any man should get to going barefoot in the city. $42 at Urban Outfitters

The Classic

Canvas slip-on, $42 by Vans




Shoe Week:

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The Expertly Packed Carry-On


What should I pack for my first business trip?

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With nearly every airline imposing a baggage fee nowadays, if you can get away with flying with just a carry-on, do it.

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