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The Best New Colognes

There's nothing wrong with having a go-to cologne. But as cooler weather approaches and you start swapping out your wardrobe, consider replacing your summer spritz with a more fall-minded fragrance. Or perhaps you want to choose a different cologne for work and play—something masculine and spicy for the office, and a brighter fresh scent for your off-duty time. We've rounded up our four new favorites from the current crop, ranging from subtle to sturdy.


Grassy with a touch of florals, this smells like an afternoon at the Zegna estate in Southern Italy—which is where the bergamot used in this cologne is actually grown.

$64, by Ermenegildo Zegna


An old school splash in an amber apothecary bottle, this earthy mix of moss and worn leather is a true gentleman's cologne—spiced with cardamom and cloves, but not overpowering.

$45, by The Motley

Pour Homme

The label's first men's fragrance is decidedly masculine. It's all cut wood and falling leaves—pine and sage finished with a warm touch of whiskey and patchouli incense.

$80, by Bottega Veneta

Made to Measure

The latest in the line's "pour homme" lineup is the most versatile yet. A worldly cologne that mixes rich lavender and orange blossoms with tobacco and spices like cinnamon.

$68, by Gucci

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