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Mohair Suits

Cashmere and silk have long been luxury staples, and for good reason. But there's another luxe fabric that's experiencing something of a resurgence lately. One that's just as dapper, but more durable and better suited for this time of year. Mohair is a wool that comes from the soft, fine fleece of the angora goat. The name comes from an Arabic word that means choice, which is fitting, because its is the cream of the wool crop. Mohair is lightweight and breathable yet extremely insulating. Plus, it adds a slight luster to the garments produced from it, especially when blended liberally with more standard wools. It's naturally elastic, crease resistant and won't felt or pill. Which is why this particular fiber makes an excellent suiting fabric—its hardwearing comfort is just the thing for fall's unpredictable weather. What's more, mohair will give you that hint of flare that won't be visible until someone is standing right next to you. Elevated yet understated. Just as a gentleman should be.

- Charles Shoultz

    What's an angora goat look like? We're glad you asked. Pretty fancy, huh?







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