This time of year calls for a cologne that can stand up to bitter winds, long nights and lots of layers. There's something about the slide into cooler temps that lends itself to rich, enveloping fragrances—from fireplaces and mulled wine to the familiar aroma of a well-worn leather jacket. During the colder months, you should be reaching for something that can stand up to all the layers we have to wear. A rich scent that sits on the skin and develops throughout the day and still makes a statement to those in your wake. Spice things up—literally—with bottles that blend warm spices with a woody medley and a sweet kick of florals or citrus. And, if you want our advice (and I sure hope that you do), we'd say skip the cologne counter regulars from the big brands. Sure, they can be great. But they can also make you smell like everyone else. There are plenty of other brands and bottles to try. We spritzed on dozens to bring you the ones that really stand out. Scroll through this list to help you decide which one speaks to you.