A Little Spritz
That Makes a Big Difference

Instantly Improve Your Hair
With These Salt-Infused Sprays

What you should know about sea salt sprays and the best ones to try now

The best men's hair salt sprays
The best men's hair salt sprays

We'll be honest, when we first heard about this surge of salt sprays hitting the grooming market, we figured they were strictly for the ladies. The ones who wanted "sexy, windswept day-at-the-beach hair that looks like you just took a dip in the sea." But it turns out, these salt-infused sprays work for men too. And plenty of guys (and their hairstylists) are using them for what they're really intended for: adding texture and volume to hair while absorbing excess oil.

You see, these salty sprays do a lot more than you'd think. They're infused with lots of good ingredients which soak up grease and other bad stuff, while also giving your hair a nice boost. Hair that's been spritzed gets this subtle texture and separation, along with an increase of volume and depth. It enhances natural curls and lifts up lifeless straight hair. Which is why the sprays are suddenly everywhere. We've tested a handful and picked four of the absolute best to add to your grooming arsenal. No matter your need, there's one to suit your hair.


Our Picks

Byrd Texturizing Surfspray

Texturizing Surfspray

The best for short hair

Salt spray should be combined with other styling products when you have fairly short hair. And this one, from cult surfer brand Byrd, is enriched with coconut water and quinoa protein, which gives it not only a subtle tropical scent but adds a healthy shine to your hair as well. Vitamin B5 repairs and nourishes the hair while protecting it from further sun damage.

$16, by Byrd

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

Ocean Mist

The best for more grown-out hair

Hair that's not too long and not too short is perfect for salt sprays. You get a little grit and tousled texture while maintaining a specific direction, like a part. A favorite of celebrity hairstylists, this Swedish spray acts like a leave-in conditioner which provides a natural, matte finish and a light but flexible hold.

$31, by Sachajuan


Triumph & Disaster Karekare Tonic

Karekare Tonic

The best for thin and thinning hair

This tonic by Triumph & Disaster uses epsom salt that balances the pH point of your hair and soaks up excess oil from the scalp (which can lead to problems for people with thinning hair). The addition of sea beet extract and willow herb reduces scalp irritation and prevents oxidative stress which weakens and thins hair. A few spritzes of this revives dull hair and adds texture plus a touch of shine.

$30, by Triumph & Disaster

Herbivore Sea Mist

Sea Mist

The best for sensitive skin

Herbivore's coconut and aloe-infused spray has the same salinity as the Pacific Ocean, which creates a great texture when using as a styling product on damp hair and revives hair that's been crushed by a hat for too long. The all-natural, vegan formula is gentle enough to spray right onto your skin, so if you have sensitive skin or a dry scalp, this is the spray for you.

$20, by Herbivore

How to Use It

Spritz it lightly throughout towel-dried damp hair and scrunch your locks for a more natural, tousled look. Or even comb it through to ensure a more polished look, then muss it up for a less defined, textured style. The salt offers a light-to-medium hold and can be used to give dry hair extra volume or to act as a dry shampoo between washes.


Bumble and Bumble Salt-Infused Surf Spray

Bumble and Bumble launched their salt-infused Surf Spray in 2001.

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