We’re men, we grow hair, it’s what we do. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't clean it up now and again. Get yourself a dedicated trimmer to clip away bushy nose hairs (and any miscreant hairs sprouting from your ears). Get close to your bathroom mirror and give your face a once over. See anything out of place? If the hair in your nostrils is noticeable or God-forbid, protruding out into the open, then it's time to break out the trimmer and give your nose a quick buzzcut. The good news is that reliable trimmers are affordable and easy to use—cutting back the extraneous fuzz while allowing enough nose hair to perform its main function: Serving as a filter for dust, dirt and other allergens. This is why we trim and don't wax. Well, that and the unforgiving pain of ripping your nose hairs out by their roots. After some real-world testing, here the trimmers our team recommends, in a range of price points.