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Best hand sanitizers

As cold weather starts creeping closer, so does the risk of cold and flu season. I don't consider myself a germaphobe (then again, who actually does?), but definitely do what I can to keep myself from getting sick. I used to wash my hands a lot, but that can be pretty rough on your skin. Especially in the winter when the tap always seems to be too hot or too cold. Plus, all that washing tends to dry out your hands.

Which is why I carry protection. Hand sanitizer is an essential part of a man's everyday carry during a season of sickness, socializing and holiday travel. Not to mention your day-to-day life. Ever think about how many germs are in the elevator at work? Or on that unassuming staircase rail? Public transportation—even an Uber's backseat—is a breeding ground for troublesome bacteria. Thankfully, there are handy and handsome ways to sanitize your hands, without resorting to the omnipresent bottle of stinging, stinking Purell.


The Best
Hand Sanitizers

Aesop Resurrection
Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Sanitize your hands without sacrificing any style (or moisture, for that matter) with this non-drying hand purifier scented with citrus and cedar. And at just ten bucks, the small apothecary bottle is slightly pricey for the category but reasonable for the brand.

$10 by Aesop

Byredo Rinse-Free
Hand Wash

I'll admit, having this sexy tube on my desk is somewhat of a flex when it comes to hand sanitizers. But this is more than just a pretty package. The scent—a rich blend of sweet fruit and warm musk—is what you'd expect from a high-end fragrance house. But this also does an excellent job of moisturizing hands while it disinfects.

$35 by Byredo

Mrs. Meyer's Lavender
Hand Sanitizer

This one is particularly good for an office environment, since the all-natural lavender scent is supposed to induce calming and relaxing vibes. Plus, it's comforting to know that I'm protected by the same plant-derived ingredients I use to clean my apartment.

$3.49 by Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint
Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Bronner's has a hand up on others with a chemical-free yet effective formula that blends together the antiseptic properties of organic ethyl alcohol and glycerin with a natural peppermint oil scent that that just feels clean every time you rub it between your palms.

$4.99 at Whole Foods

Figs So Fresh
and So Clean

If you want a really pocketable sanitizer, this discreet spray by Figs (makers of medical scrubs and lab coats) is just a touch smaller than a deck of cards. What's more, it's unscented and one bottle offers at least 300 applications.

$4 by Figs

Squeaky Clean Antibacterial
Hand Sanitizer

This is a serious sanitizer, but if your hands tend to get red and chapped during the winter, this soothing aloe-vera formula provides some much needed relief while gentle skin conditioners keep hands hydrated as well.

$14.34 at Amazon

For the Plane

Most of the sanitizers above could work on surfaces like your tray table and seat belt. But when it comes to disinfecting your surroundings on a plane or in a hotel room, I pack these environmentally-friendly wipes from a reliable brand we've recommended before.

$2.49 by CleanWell

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