The Best Wipes to Swipe This Summer

The Best Wipes
to Swipe This Summer

The warmer weather means never leaving home without a wipe or two

Groundskeeper deodorant wipes for men

Groundskeeper deodorant wipes from Dollar Shave Club ($6 for 14).

It's not exactly new technology. Pre-moistened wipes have been around for a while—from makeup removers to antibacterial options to sanitize hands and surfaces. What is new is the variety of wipes that are now available to help men look and feel their best. Of course, the boom in options makes sense. They're easy to carry, easy to use, extremely quick and effective, not to mention TSA-approved for travel. The convenience does, however, come with some environmental costs so use them somewhat sparingly and be sure to check whether or not they're flushable (many are not). But they can really help you out of a sticky situation, especially during the hot summer months. So stock a few in your desk drawer at work, pack a few in your carry-on or gym bag and tuck a few into your glove compartment. Then sit back with the confidence of a man who knows he's prepared for anything.


The Best Men's Wipes
in 2019

Skincare Routine
in a Wipe

We've loved and relied on Ursa Major's refreshing and individually-wrapped bamboo face wipes for years. They're durable enough not to tear on your 5 o'clock shadow and are infused with the brand's cleansing and hydrating 4-in-1 Face Tonic. So they not only clean your skin, they hydrate and soothe with a subtle exfoliation to reveal smoother, fresher looking skin when you're done.

$24 for 20
by Ursa Major

The Shower Replacement

Maybe you've been running around all day. Maybe you worked out over your lunch break. Or maybe it's just hot as hell and you're a sweaty mess with somewhere to go. These oversized wipes are infused with tea tree oil, peppermint and ginseng to clean you up and help you free fresh until you can shower again.

$9.99 for 10
by Goodwipes

The Skin-Repairing Wipe

The first wipe dedicated to aloe for both your face and body, these are a godsend for those who spend a little too much time outside. Formulated to soothe and moisturize sunburned and windburned skin, they cool irritation and calm inflammation with a combination of aloe, witch hazel and green apple extract. Pro tip: Keep a few in the fridge for instant relief.

$25 for 15
by Recess


Refresh Your Pits

Should these individually-wrapped deodorant wipes replace your usual morning stick or spray? Probably not. But do they come in handy after the gym or after a particularly warm afternoon when you could be smelling a little fresher? You better believe it.

$6 for 14
by Dollar Shave Club

For Clearer Skin

When summer sweat and grime gets your skin looking and feeling a bit rough, use these oil-free facial wipes. They're great before bed or after a long day at work before heading out. The salicylic acid keeps acne at bay while clearing pores and helping smooth skin. These wipes get rid of greasy skin and breakouts in just a few swipes.

$10 for 50
by Belei

Below the Belt

Look, hotels and offices aren't typically known for their quality toilet paper. These generously sized wipes (25% larger than the average flushable wet wipes) are ultra soft and infused with vitamin E and aloe to soothe sensitive skin. Plus, they're unscented so you can clean up and refresh your junk before a date without smelling all flowery down there.

$8.99 for 30
by Dude Wipes

Don't Forget Your Shoes

A Valet. editor, who really takes his sneakers seriously, refuses to travel without these handy wipes from Jason Markk. What's so good about them? They've got a smooth side to clean up spills and a textured side to tackle tougher stains, no matter where you are.

$19.98 by Jason Markk

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