The 10 Best Grooming Gadgets

The 10 Best Grooming Gadgets

The tools every man should own to look his best

Best grooming gadgets for men

With biotech body creams and 3D-printed sheet masks already in bathroom cabinets of early-adopters, it's not hard to imagine a day when we can upload our consciousnesses to the cloud and be done with shaving and deodorant altogether.

Until we can ditch our pesky bodies, though, we'll have to settle for a cyborg-worthy skincare routine that makes hauling yourself out from under the covers every morning just a little bit easier. From the low-key to the seriously high-tech, these are the 10 must-have grooming gadgets to buzz, vibrate and oscillate your way to a more handsome you.


10 Best
Men's Grooming Products

Sonic Facial Brush

Using hands to wash your face is so 2016. This year, supercharge your skincare routine with a sonic cleansing brush. Combined with a foaming cleanser, handheld gizmos like the Clarisonic Mia Men use rapidly oscillating bristles to eliminate dirt and impurities, boost circulation and prep the skin for shaving in just 60 seconds.

$99 by Clarisonic

Sonic Hair Dryer

Contrary to popular belief, the idea of men using hair dryers isn't a load of hot hair. However you style your hair, the right tools are key to ensuring your 'do lasts all day. Considered the Bentley of blowers, Dyson's much-hyped Supersonic model is packed with patented features—from a lightweight digital motor to the brand's Air Multiplier technology—which helps lock skyscraper quiffs in place.

$399.99 by Dyson

A Better
beard Trimmer

Whether you belong to the Jason Momoa or Jason Statham school of facial hair, a decent beard trimmer is essential. If your aim is to keep a five o'clock shadow in shape rather than hack back five days worth of growth, prioritize precision. What it lacks in vacuum ability (just clean the damn sink), the Remington Touch Tech makes up for with a motorized comb that can be set to 175 different length settings just 0.1mm apart. Talk about a close shave.

$69.99 by Remington

LED Skin Tool

The final frontier of male grooming is here. Originally developed as NASA technology, LED therapy is a way of biohacking your way to better skin. Also referred to as "phototherapy," it involves harnessing different wavelengths of light to treat everything from aging (red light) to pigmentation (green light). The Foreo Espada pulls on the power of blue diodes to zap away acne- causing bacteria.

$149 by Foreo

A Facial Steamer

Most athletes hit the sauna after a heavy session, but steam can also do wonders for your skin. To get spa-level results without leaving the house, invest in a facial steamer. This one from Dr Dennis Gross does all the heavy lifting, pumping out micro-steam particles that simultaneously cleanse and hydrate, leaving you looking oh-so-fresh.

$149 by Dr Dennis Gross

IPL Hair Remover

If you fancy yourself as an Olympic swimmer, but got landed with sheepdog genes, you'll need to bring out the big guns when it comes to hair removal. IPL (intense pulsed light) machines like the Philips Lumea Prestige are the next best thing to expensive laser treatments. Used over consecutive weeks, flashes of light and wavelengths damage the hair follicle and slow the rate of regrowth.

$387 by Philips

The Wet/Dry Shaver

When you consider that shaving involves dragging a razor-sharp piece of metal across your face, it's not hard to see how irritation and ingrown hairs can become an issue. Banish the burn by switching to an electric shaver. The poster child for expert German engineering, Braun's Series 9 model has five elements that work together to cut through even the most difficult hairs. At the same time, sonic vibrations help the machine glide over your skin for maximum comfort.

$309 by Braun

Washable Detail Trimmer

Unlike wisdom (and finally being debt-free), random tufts of hair sprouting out of your ears and nose are one of the more unwelcome signs of aging. As a general rule, if you can see them, so can everyone else. So get rid. A detail trimmer makes light work of the problem. Stick it in your schnozz, turn it on and job done. And this one has a unique vortex washing system that draws in faucet water and spins it through the blades for easy cleaning.

$12.99 by Panasonic

An Ab-Toning Belt

In news that should surprise exactly no one, getting a six-pack isn't easy. If crunches aren't cutting it, strap on Slendertone's Abs 8 toning belt. The app-controlled device won't turn you into an Adonis overnight, but electrical muscle stimulation can help develop a stronger core when worn during training by targeting the hard to activate transverse abdominis.

$129.99 / $89 by Slendertone

A Proper
Body Groomer

Body hair, it's what separates the men from the boys (apparently); but not all guys want the Wookie look. If you're a lifter looking to show off hard-won pecs or simply hate having hirsute shoulders, a trimmer for everything below the neck is the answer. Designed to adapt to the contours of your body, Philips' dual-sided, showerproof tool promises a back smoother than Barry White in silk pajamas.

$149.99 by Philips Norelco

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