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The Key to Healthy
(Not Scratchy)
Facial Hair

Beard and facial hair maintenace guide Beard and facial hair maintenace guide

The Key to Healthy
(Not Scratchy)
Facial Hair

Your Movember maintenance primer

A few years ago, it seemed like Movember was being talked about by every guy at the office, while friends near and far were posting patchy progress photos on social media. The fever might've calmed down a bit but Movember (along with No-Shave November) is still something of a Herculean hirsute movement. Millions of men have participated since its founding and last year alone, they raised nearly $75 million to support men's health efforts.

And while sprouting a fresh 'stache was cause for conversation when this movement began, it's less unexpected these days. Scruff, beards and even mustaches are more popular than ever. What's more, it's a scientific fact that facial hair makes you hotter. The evidence, which was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, says that the majority of women view men with stubble as more attractive for short-term flings than men with full beards, which were seen as the most attractive for long-term relationships.

But you've got to do it right. You see, most men learn sometime in their formative years how to shave. Rarely does one learn how to grow a beard or mustache. Fear not—we've got you covered with three basic tips to keep your fresh facial hair in prime condition, whether you're keeping it for the month, the season, or indefinitely.


Beard Oil
Is a Thing

for a Reason

You'll notice the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy beard immediately. A healthy beard is soft and easily tamed. The unhealthy one is scratchy, dry and wiry. That's why you need beard oil if you're going to grow past a subtle scruff. These oils nourish and add moisture to the hairs, preventing them from turning into boar-ish bristles prone to breaking and itching both you and your significant other.

Best All-Around

Best All-Around

This lightweight oil absorbs quickly and won't weigh down your whiskers. The blue cedar scent is a nice way to start the day and you'll see a noticeable difference in the softness of your facial hair almost immediately.

Hydrating beard oil,
$19 by V76

Best Low-Shine Formula

Best Low-Shine Formula

Port Products' hydrating blend of argan and grapeseed oil moisturizes both your hair and the skin beneath. It has a woody barber shop scent and is absorbed into the hair so well, it leaves the least amount of shine of any we've tried.

Conditioning beard absolute,
$20 by Port Products

Best for Dry Skin/Beard Dandruff

Best for Dry Skin/Beard Dandruff

If you get dry skin or red patches, you want an oil that prevents flakes. This elixir conditions facial hair with almond and jojoba oil, but it's the anti-fungal pine oil that prevents dreaded beard dandruff.

Beard elixir,
$23 by Recipe for Men

Is Allowed

Just because you're growing out your beard, doesn't mean you shouldn't trim it. Don't worry, this isn't against the rules. Because you're not really compromising any length. Think of it like trimming hedges—you're spot checking the area and snipping away any unruly hairs or unnecessary length. This keeps your mustache from getting in the way of your lips, and your beard from looking too scraggly.

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Beard Comb

Sandalwood beard comb,
$30 by The Art of Shaving

Twezzerman Mustache Scissors

Mustache scissors,
$7.89 by Twezzerman

You'll Probably Still
Need to Shave

We know, you're not technically shaving this month. But an unkempt beard makes you look at best, lazy and at worst, dangerous. So you'll likely need to shave a little—cleaning up your neck and clearing away stray hairs from your cheeks. Opt for a shaving cream that can be applied with precision. Kyoku's sake-infused cream is thick, yet incredibly slippery, making it easy to sweep a razor over it. Gillette's SkinGaurd is engineered to prevent razor burn—which comes in handy whether you're shaving your neck or losing your whole beard at the end of the month.

Kyoku Sake-Infused Shave Cream

Sake-infused shave cream,
$19 by Kyoku

Gillette SkinGuard Razor

SkinGuard razor,
$12 by Gillette

Don't want to grow?

Find a person or team to support or make a general donation to help Movember's mission.

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