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Tried & True Grooming Staples

Our editor picks his favorites from 10 years of The Motley

The Motley is celebrating a decade of providing quality grooming gear and I can say that I've been a fan since day one. Through the years, I've been lucky enough to try out nearly all of their products from their four house brands: Buckler's, Port Products, The Motley and the newest, Onekind. The founders, Matt and Madison Ruggieri, have always been smart and reliable sources for many of Valet.'s grooming and self-care stories—we've had a great partnership in every sense of the word. In celebration of their anniversary, they've asked me for my top picks—the products that have remained in my medicine cabinet as a permanent part of my daily routine. These are the ones I happily reorder on my own (especially with the discount below).

Our Favorites

Chapped Skin Remedy

Right now, when we're all washing our hands like surgeons multiple times a day, this creamy balm hasn't left my side. The heavy-duty formula uses natural aloe juice and chamomile to heal cracks and irritation, while shea butter helps the skin retain moisture. It's also really nice to apply to feet before bed or dry spots like elbows and knees after a shower.

$24 by Buckler's

Midnight Magic
PM Serum

I try to take really good care of my skin. And in my late 30s, that means applying a retinol before bed. They're great for fine lines, breakouts and enlarged pores. The only problem is that I've got sensitive skin and some can be a bit harsh. Onekind's serum, however, has never given me any problems. That's because it mixes the potent retinol and peptides with soothing birch bark extract and Vitamin E, which combats redness, irritation and dryness. And yet, after just a week or two, you'll see a noticeable improvement in your skin.

$42 by Onekind

Kiso Cologne

Hinoki wood

Of all the travel-inspired fragrances The Motley has launched, Kiso is by far my favorite. That's because it truly reminds me of the adventures I've had in Japan. The modern scent blends freshly cut hinoki wood with spicy touches of black pepper and incense. The complex fragrance (versatile enough for both day and night) always gets me compliments or inquiries about what I'm wearing.

$120 by The Motley

Hair Putty

I've been using this on my hair since it launched in 2015. So have a few other Valet. staffers. What sets this product above other similar pastes and creams is that it works for pretty much anyone—whether your hair is thick and curly or thinner and fine. It gives your hair a nice texture and a natural sheen without looking too shiny (or feeling stiff and sticky).

$22 by Port Products

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