The Best Beard Trimmers

It's officially the time of year when growing a beard sounds like a good idea. It's a natural progression—as sweater weather arrives, previously clean-shaven men decide to start skipping their morning shaves. And who can blame them? Having some facial hair is scientifically proven to make you hotter. But as your jawline starts sprouting, you want to make sure you maintain it. If you get a haircut regularly, you should be maintaining your beard properly. Whether you've got stubble or the beginnings of a full beard, this can be difficult without the right tools. But the market is flooded with options, so we've tried a handful and have come up with five standouts suitable for the Valet. man. The real question is which one suits you best?

Best All Around

The well-reviewed Norelco 7200 has an integrated vacuum system that sucks up the tiny hairs that usually litter your sink and countertop. It gets up to an hour of wireless use on a single charge and the self-sharpening blades mean that the trimmer moves quickly over the scruff without snagging or pulling hairs.

$59.99 / $54.99 by Philips Norelco

For the Lazy Guy

This all-in-one shaver comes with multiple attachments to tackle any hirsute concern: three beard guides, an ear, nose and brow detailer, dual foil shaver for close shaves and a T-blade trimmer with multiple combs. Plus, if you're bad at remembering to charge it, this gets up to nine shaves off of one hour-long charge.

$39.97 by Wahl

For Shower Shavers

Those who are too bleary-eyed in the morning to set aside separate time to shave, this waterproof trimmer is perfect for the shower. The guards are built-in and adjustable with the click of a dial and it has an easy-open drain that allows water to flow through the clipper for quick, easy cleaning in seconds.

$49.99 by Panasonic

For Shorter Scruff

Engineered for multiple facial hair styles, this trimmer features a double-sharpened blade system with an integrated hair lift comb that ensures shorter, stubble and scruffy styles are evenly and smoothly trimmed. A zoom wheel automatically locks in to one of 17 built-in precision length settings. And when used every other day or so, this will leave you with the perfect five o'clock shadow.

$44.95 by Philips Norelco

For Fuller Beards

When you've got a longer, thicker beard, you require clippers with a heavy-duty motor and plenty of power to get through your once or twice a week trims. (Before you shave, comb your beard to get rid of tangles.) A dual battery system keeps trimming power constant and a click-and-lock comb keeps the length precise and adaptable.

$69.99 by Braun

Wise Words

"Properly trimming a beard is an art. Too tight and you can look scary, too long and you can look scarier."

- Grooming Lounge's Mike Gilman