Warning: Don't attempt to trim your stubble in a full suit and tie.

Why I Quit Shaving ...

It started a few months ago, while on vacation—the perfect time to forsake formality in favor of comfort. Because when you're relaxing on a Hawaiian beach, the last thing you think about is shaving. But not wanting to look like a total bum, I reached for the electric clippers in my dopp kit. In an attempt to keep the scruff in check, I buzzed over the beginnings of a beard every few days. It was then that I realized how much I liked the look of this barely-there facial hair.

Apparently, I'm not alone. Women recently rated men with light stubble as the most attractive, according to a study performed at England's Northumbria University. And why not? The five o'clock shadow is a timeless look, at once masculine and youthfully carefree. It plays up the natural angles of your face and makes for a stronger jaw line. What's more, for a non-morning person like myself, it's a hell of lot quicker, easier and less messy than shaving. It's also been great for my sensitive skin, which would sometimes fall prey to breakouts or irritation from shaving, despite my best efforts. Now, I'm not saying that I'm shelving my Harry's razor and shaving cream permanently, but I'm definitely enjoying the newfound benefits from a few simple swipes of the clippers.

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Maintaining Your Stubble

Using a clipper with no guard, go over the facial hair every three days (or as needed). For a cleaner look, keep your neck shaved from the top of the Adam's apple on down. Once a week, soften and clean the hair by exfoliating your face.