Sleep on It

4 Products That Deliver Better Skin
by Morning

The best men's skin care products that will fix your face while you sleep.

You probably know by now that getting ample sleep is good for your skin. Your body boosts blood flow to the skin and regenerates cells while you snooze. But it could be even more efficient. So why not use those hours in bed to supercharge your skincare? Think about it, while you're just horizontal in bed, you've got all these hours when quality skincare products can really get down to work. Optimize the benefits of your regimen by choosing products that are formulated to work overnight. They deliver long-term results and ensure you wake up looking your best. Herewith, four tried-and-true favorites the Valet. team swears by.


Lab Series Night Recovery Lotion

For Irritated
or Stressed Skin

Infused with powerful antioxidants to combat environmental damage, this vitamin-enriched lotion absorbs quickly. The formula includes a powerful liposome that helps protect and revitalize skin while you sleep, evening out your skin tone and shrinking the appearance of pores.

Night recovery lotion,
$45 by Lab Series

Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel

For Clearing Breakouts

No one wants to wear zit creams during the day. Let this powerful gel work its magic while you sleep in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. A Vitamin B complex of niacinamide, zinc gluconate and salicylic acid helps clear skin, calm inflammation and prevent future breakouts by reducing excess oil, exfoliating skin and eliminating bacteria.

Overnight Clearing Gel,
$41.56 by Dermalogica


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye

For Tired Eyes

You're probably more worried about dark circles and puffy bags than fighting crows feet or fine lines, right? No matter. Swipe this all natural cream—infused with lavender essential oil, olive-derived squalene and shea butter—under your eyes before bed and it tackles all three while you sleep.

Midnight Recovery Eye,
$37 by Kiehl's

Ren Clean Skincare Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial

For Rough
or Uneven Skin

This popular multitasking treatment is more of a serious mask. It's designed to exfoliate—using lactic and glycolic acids to address uneven texture—and then repair and hydrate. So if you're looking to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and ruddiness, this is your product.

Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial,
$48 by Ren Clean Skincare

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