How to Win the Battle
Against Swamp Crotch

Stay cool and dry below the belt, all summer long.

How to prevent swamp crotch and sweaty balls How to prevent swamp crotch and sweaty balls

Let’s face it, hot and humid weather can be a real bitch. And when it comes to suffering through sweltering temperatures, one of the worst side effects has to be swap crotch. Or swamp ass. You know it as that perfect storm of uncomfortable clamminess below the belt, as well as the resulting stickiness, chaffing, jock itch and general unpleasantness. For decades, men have tried to combat the dampness by applying powder—usually baby powder or that old time-y staple, Gold Bond. Honestly, I've tried a few of these powders (even modern-looking brands that have been sent to the office) and I've never been impressed.

For starters, it's just not that easy to apply a powder upside down. I've found no convenient way to powder my balls and inner thighs without dusting the bathroom floor. And if you happen to apply a little too much, it can feel a little gunky in your underwear afterwards. Thankfully, there is a myriad of ways a modern gentleman can ensure he stays drier and cooler down south. Which means you'll be more comfortable and confident throughout the day. The real bonus? No chaffing or irritation later on. Here's what worked for me. Use it as your own four-step plan for combating swap crotch.


Start in
the shower

With the right soap, you can neutralize the bacteria and fungus that cause odor and itches. Tea tree oil and charcoal are hard-working natural ingredients that can keep you fresh and kill any germs that might otherwise lead to uncomfortable results at the end of a long day. Be sure to get the benefits from it though: really lather it up and wash the areas that sweat the most: your armpits, groin and feet.

Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Body Wash

Tea tree body wash,
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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar

Tea tree body bar,
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Brothers Artisan Oil Purifying Wash

Purifying wash,
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Slather (or spray)
on some powder

It's 2022. We don't need to shake on powder to stay dry. New formulations of creams and sprays essentially turn to powder once they make contact with the skin. Meaning they go on without any mess and still absorb moisture while reducing friction or chafing. Plus, they can easily be applied to other parts of your body, from your feet to your back.

Anthony No Sweat Body Defense

No Sweat Body Defense,
$20.90 by Anthony

Duke Cannon Dry Ice Body Spray Powder

Dry Ice body spray powder,
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Fresh Body Fresh Balls Non-Talc Lotion

Fresh Balls non-talc lotion,
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your underwear

The typical tight boxer briefs can get a bit stuffy in the heat. But a pair of loose boxer shorts will help circulate the air. There are options like those below that are lightweight and won't bunch up in your pants. But if you prefer boxer briefs, go with pairs cut from moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials.

Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs

Silver boxer briefs,
$38 by Mack Weldon

Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Trunks

Cool Breeze trunks,
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Nice Laundry Pima Cotton Boxers

Pima cotton slim boxers,
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Hanes Tagless Trim Boxers

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Switch up
your diet

If you find yourself perspiring a lot during the summer, try to stay away from food or drinks that are known to activate your sweat glands. According to Hooman Khorasani, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, that would be anything that is overly spicy or contains a lot of salt. Caffeinated or alcoholic drinks should be avoided too. But drinking more water will keep your body cool and properly hydrated, which can reduce your body's natural sweat response.

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