Lip Service

Lip Service

A man needs lip balm so you might as well use the good stuff

Best lip balms for men in 2021

Your lips are among the most sensitive parts of your body and they're often neglected when it comes to skin care. But our lips need lots of love. Anyone who's had dry or cracked lips will tell you that it's hell. And the only thing worse than excessively dry lips is the extreme lengths you'll have to go to in order for them to feel good again. So be proactive and keep your kisser in peak condition by conditioning the skin with a proper lip balm. A simple swipe keeps your lips smooth and crack-free. But which one's the right one? That's more of a personal call. We tested more than a dozen tubes and these are the standouts, in a range of styles and price points.


Best Lip Balms
in 2021

Fastest Working

This tasty orange-flavored balm is almost an ointment. Which is why it glides onto lips easily and absorbs like a lotion, providing quick relief from dryness while vitamin E aids in smoothing the skin. Bonus: it lasts a while and doesn't feel shiny or sticky.

$10 by Anthony

Most Pocketable

This oval-shaped tube lays much flatter in your pocket. Plus, the soft, smooth formula is sourced from all organic ingredients including almond oil, shea butter and natural menthol.

$8 by Lucky Bastard Co.

Mintiest Flavor

If you want a really minty balm that tastes great and also keeps dryness at bay, this is it. The all-natural avocado and hemp oil boosts hydration while beeswax adds a layer of protection against cold, wind and dry weather.

$3.49 by Dr. Bronner's

The Cleanest

This balm is certified vegan and contains no silicone or paraffin either. The hydrating formula goes on fairly thick so lips feel smooth and protected (without having to constantly reapply). It's also got natural zinc oxide to shield that sensitive skin from UVA and UVB rays.

$20 by Aesop

Medical-Grade Healing

Any lip balm list has to have one of these yellow tubes, right? But the medicated version (packed with menthol and eucalyptus) is even better than the original because it soothes pain and irritation while healing chapped skin, cracks and even cold sores.

$4.59 by Burt's Bees

For Active Guys

If you're into sports or outdoor activities, this long-lasting, shine-free balm ensures your lips are hydrated and protected for long stretches. The broad-spectrum SPF covers lips for 80 minutes while the beeswax-based formula creates a protective barrier to lock in moisture.

$12 (for 3-pack) by Oars + Alps

Overnight Restoration

The best time to load up on lip balm is at bedtime. That's because our cells regenerate most while we're asleep. This “lip mask” uses hyaluronic acid to form a protective film over the lips that supercharges hydration while healing cracks and soothing irritation or extreme dryness. It's a little sticky, but it ensures you wake up with soft, supple and healthy lips.

$22 by Laneige

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