It almost seems too good to be true. A single grooming ingredient that tackles nearly all of your skin concerns: It smoothes out the texture of your skin and shrinks pores, it repairs sun damage and fights breakouts while soothing inflammation and minimizing redness. But that's exactly what niacinamide does. And the great news is that this is not some buzzy, unproven ingredient—this is a water-soluble derivative of niacin or vitamin B3. Board-certified dermatologist Brendan Camp, M.D., says B vitamins are “essential” vitamins, meaning the body doesn't make them or does not make enough to be sufficient. So an outside source of vitamin B is needed. And while the exact mechanism by which niacinamide works in skin cells is not fully understood, he says several studies have shown clinical benefits when applied topically. So we pulled together the best products featuring this super ingredient in various concentrations. Take your pick and upgrade your daily regimen.