Rethink Your
Face Wash

Best men's face wash in 2023

Rethink Your Face Wash

It’s the starting line of any man’s grooming routine

Most folks can’t be bothered when it comes to shopping for facial cleansers. Maybe you've stuck with the same one for years. Or perhaps you don't even think about it. I can hear some readers thinking, “You're lucky I'm even washing my face,” or “My shampoo run-off handles that!” That's true, I suppose. But also true: handsomeness stems from caring for your mug—and you can't do that when it's covered in dirt and oil. Your face deserves better.

Some suggest washing both morning and night, but you'll definitely want to use them before bed (in the shower or otherwise) to wash off the day's grit. You wouldn't go to sleep with muddy boots on, would you? The best part is it only takes a minute. Use a quarter-sized dollop and massage into damp skin for 30 seconds or so to let the active ingredients sink in and do their job. Use circular motions, and don't tug. Glide and massage. This not only feels good but it stimulates your lymphatic system, which encourages blood circulation. Rinse with lukewarm water, as hot water will just dry you out. Pat dry with a clean towel and throw on your moisturizer of choice. Here are some face washes you can incorporate into your routine, based on the top skin concerns.


Best Face Washes
for Men in 2023

For Stressed-Out Skin

We can all be a little guilty of treating our skin like all-weather tires—a bit recklessly like it can handle whatever you throw at it. That's not always the case. So when razor burn or too much sun strikes, reach for a cleanser with calming chamomile and Centella to soothe things over. This one is packed with both, along with natural cleansing agents to clean skin without stripping it.

Boom Cica Wow gel cleanser,
$34 by Jaxon Lane

For Dry Skin

Prior to the advent of soap, ancient Greecian athletes would use oil to cleanse themselves. Oil binds to impurities before being removed with a strigil, or small handheld blade. Costa Brazil takes a modern approach to that with a blend of calming, antibacterial, and moisturizing oils that smell like a rainforest. Use it as you would a standard face wash. No blade necessary. And bonus: a little goes a long way.

Óleo De Limpeza Para
a Face cleanser,
$45 by Costa Brazil


For Oily Skin
and Large Pores

If blackheads, uneven texture and flaky skin are bumming you out, you can target all three with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Salicylic acid is like a broom for large, gunked-up pores; loosening the debris they can hide. Meanwhile, green tea helps keep redness and irritation in check. Clearer, smoother skin is just around the bend.

Salicylic + Green Tea
exfoliating cleanser,
$17 by Current State

For Sensitive Skin

Ask any dermatologist for a face wash recommendation, and my money's on the fact that they'll recommend this one—and for good reason. It's packed with skin barrier-repairing ceramides and hydrating hyaluronic acid to add more moisture to skin than it takes. You may be surprised that its texture feels a lot like a lotion. Or not, because I just told you.

Hydrating facial cleanser,
$19.99 / $15.03 by CeraVe

Man washing his face

Cover Your Surface Area

Make sure you suds up your whole face. Don’t skimp around your mouth or around your hairline (another commonly neglected spot). Otherwise you could start to see breakouts forming there.

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