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Best hand soaps for men in 2024

Buy Better
Hand Soap

An easy upgrade for your home that makes a big difference

Life is dirty. Every day we go out into the world and accumulate dirt and grime. Then, we come home and sanitize ourselves in order to relax and recharge. It's a vicious cycle, but it's one we've become accustomed to, right? Of course, there are things we can do to make the cycle a little more enjoyable. And it starts at your sink.

Think about the last time you used the bathroom at a nice restaurant or high-end hotel. There wasn't some wall-mounted soap dispenser, was there? No. Likely, there was a nice bottle of hand wash positioned at the edge of the sink. You depressed the nozzle and, for just a minute, were transported to someplace special. You felt grown-up and polished. The best hand soaps not only wash away all the man-made nastiness of the outside world, but also condition the skin on our hands while providing an olfactory experience to nourish our senses.

Why not bring that back to your home? Sure, it's an upgrade that will cost more than the usual pump you'd pick up at the grocery store. But think of it as an investment. Not only in your home—since these bottles are far more attractive—but also in your well-being. The formulas are far better for your skin and the rich, fragrant lathers that they produce make a ritual out of your daily routine. A 30 second hand-washing session becomes an aromatherapy meditation that will put you in a much better frame of mind. And doesn't that sound like a nice way to enter your home?


The Best Hand Soaps
for Men in 2024

Valet. editor's pick
Valet. editor's pick

The Editor’s Pick

AMASS first began as a spirits brand, so the founder really understands all about distilling botanicals. Their hand soap is inspired by a blend of botanicals once believed to prevent the spread of plague in medieval Europe—a warm mix of spices (cinnamon and clove) along with the clean finish of eucalyptus. The castile-style soap is also enriched with such skin-nourishing nutrients as aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter to leave your hands softer and more hydrated than before you washed.

Four Thieves botanic soap,
$38 by AMASS

The Drug
Store Option

Not every soap here has to be such a splurge. Method is a well-known line of plant-based products that are effective and handsome yet affordable. Their hand wash comes in a cool aluminum bottle and the all-natural formula has a warm and woodsy scent that smells, well, expensive. Plus, the gel quickly lathers up and rinses away easily.

Vetiver + Amber gel hand soap,
$6.99 by Method

The Big Bottle

This oversized 17-ounce glass bottle is ideal for those who hate refilling their soap dispenser. Plus, the French formula is packed with skin conditioning sweet almond oil, olive oil and grape seed oil, while the gentle cotton fragrance is light and summery.

Cotton flower hand soap,
$25.20 by Compagnie de Provence

The Refreshing Formula

C.O. Bigelow has been a trusted pharmacy in New York's Greenwich Village for generations. Their in-house hand wash combines effective cleansing with skin-conditioning and moisture-replenishing aloe to leave hands feeling soft and healthy. Plus, the mint and rosemary scent is cooling and invigorating.

Rosemary Mint hand wash,
$18 by C.O. Bigelow


The OG
Status Bottle

There's a reason why people swipe these hand washes from high-end restaurants and hotels. The apothecary bottle looks good, of course. But the botanical blend of natural extracts (rosemary, lavender, citrus and cedar) and very finely milled pumice stone offers an exfoliating massage every time you rub your hands together.

Aromatique hand wash,
$43 by Aesop

The Meditative Soap

Maybe because the formula is thicker than other liquid soaps, or because the hinoki fragrance is inspired by the Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan, but there's something mesmerizing about this soap that makes lathering up a real pleasure.

Hinoki hand soap,
$33 by Le Labo

The Olive Oil Soap

Washing your hands with this glycerin-and-olive-oil-based soap transports you to a warm Tuscan hillside, if only for a minute. The lather has the sweet scent of orange blossoms and leaves, plus it's so soft and hydrating, this can actually be used as a body wash, too.

Zagara liquid soap,
$27 by Ortigia

The One With
Lasting Scent

There's a lot to like about Courtney Cox's line of luxurious home care products. The Cece hand soap has a sophisticated cologne-like scent: A mix of smokey cedar wood, sweet cardamom, spices and leather. Plus, it lathers up nicely and the organ oil-infused formula is incredibly moisturizing.

Cece hand wash,
$32 by Homecourt

The Non-Bar Bar Soap

If you want something sculptural next to your sink, try this ball of soap from GOLDA. The black sphere is packed with the exfoliating power of bamboo charcoal and black lava salt along with the hydrating properties of jojoba and avocado oils.

Black soap,
$25 by GOLDA

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