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Want to
Smell Great
All Day & Night?

The best long-lasting colognes for men

Fragrance is an important part of your personal style. It's a lingering, intangible way to express yourself and make an impression. And that's why a good bottle of cologne is an essential tool every man needs in his arsenal.

And to put it simply—we apply fragrance because we want to smell good. But tell us if this sounds familiar: you spritz on your favorite scent and soon, you can't smell it—and no one else can either. Thus, it's not doing its job. So the next time, you spray on even more of it. But you likely don't need more cologne, you need stronger cologne.

You see, not all bottles are created equally. A fragrance's lifespan is determined by its formulation and the amount of perfume oil used. The concentration of fragrance within a particular scent is what will ultimately determine the strength of the fragrance. The stronger the formula, the longer the scent will linger on your body.

Without going into a whole lesson in French fragrance nomenclature, your standard Eau de Toilettes (the EDT on the bottles) have 5% to 10%, while heavier Eau de Parfums boast a perfume-oil concentration upwards of 20% to 30%. Just above that is Parfum (which is also referred to as Extrait de parfum), which hovers around 40% perfume oil. The higher the concentration level, the purer the fragrance as there's less alcohol. It's the alcohol in EDT that helps bring down the price, but also speeds up the evaporation. A higher percentage of perfume oil will cost you more, but last you longer so you should think of it as an investment. Then there are more artisanal brands, which tend to use higher quality oils and essences that will result in an even longer-wearing scent. Often, it takes some trial and error. But that's what you have the Valet. team for ... we tested plenty to find you the best ones to buy right now.


The Best
for Men
in 2024


Strength: Eau de parfum

Each scent of this artisanal fragrance brand is inspired by a specific location or adventure, using exotic and botanical ingredients. Our favorite is based on Darwin's cabinet aboard his ship, the HMS Beagle. It's a clean, warm scent with notes of aged oak wood and mineral-heavy sea spray combined with green plant clippings, and a touch of rum and gunpowder. The high-quality oils stick to skin and stay present all day and night.

From $219 by Fueguia 1883

Bleu de Chanel

Strength: Eau de parfum

This isn't a new scent but the eau de parfum version is bolder than the original with the addition of incense and amber. Woody and aromatic, it blends citrus zest and cedar with a hint of sweet vanilla for a sensual cologne that can be worn during the day or at night.

From $130 by Chanel

Reine de Nuit

Strength: Extrait de parfum

Byredo's Ben Gorham wanted to make a set of scents which had more presence in an “extrait de parfum” concentration, so he launched a Night Veils collection. This one is our favorite. It proves that a floral fragrance doesn't have to be dainty or too feminine. The sweetness of rose and black currant are tempered with saffron and smoky incense.

$375 by Byredo

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Strength: Eau de parfum

Tom Ford's colognes have never been considered “subtle,” but this version of the brand's Noir cologne turns the intensity up with a shot of peppery spices and night-blooming jasmine before finally drying down into a smooth woody finish with dried flowers and a bourbon sweetness.

From $155 by Tom Ford



Strength: Eau de parfum

We're told this fragrance was inspired by vintage mirrors—the “liquid stillness of a pond or looking glass.” We don't know what that might smell like, but according to Aesop, it's a blend of salty marine accords with a spicy charred wood base. Maybe what you'd think a smoldering beach bonfire might smell like. A little of this eau de parfum formulation goes a long way and makes for a versatile scent you can wear anywhere.

$200 by Aesop

Ralph’s Club Elixir

Strength: Parfum

Not all long-lasting fragrances have to be heavy. Ralph's Club starts off with a fresh, citrusy top note, but it eventually dries down to reveal a richly layered fragrance with notes of dried lavender, leather, and balsam tree bark.

$140 / $112 by Ralph Lauren


Strength: Extrait de parfum

Oud colognes can sometimes be a little overpowering and heady. But this oud-forward formula manages to toe the line perfectly, balancing a deep and sensual fragrance with notes of suede and patchouli, with lighter notes of florals, vanilla and dried pepper. It's a sexy scent that also smells warm and inviting. And because it has a really high perfume oil concentration, it really stays present without being overpowering.

$425 by Perfumehead

Dry Skin Loses
Fragrance Faster

Because the fragrance reacts to the oils in your skin, cologne doesn't “stick” as well to dry skin. It may be worth it to apply a moisturizer to where you're applying fragrance.

Aesop rejuvenate intensive body balm

Rejuvenate intensive body balm,
$40 by Aesop

Proper Application

Men's wrist

Proper Application

There’s a reason why your neck and wrists remain optimal spots for fragrance. Some claim the heat of the “pulse points” help distribute the scent, but they’re simply convenient areas where your skin is regularly exposed to the air. The back of your neck at the hairline is a great spot, too.

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