Workout Mats for Men

TRX suspension training mat


Workout Mats for Men

A price and style comparison

Whether you’re looking for something to take to yoga or something to make your at-home bodyweight workout a little more comfortable, you want the best possible mat you can afford. But to choose the right mat for your specific needs, you'll need to consider the type of workout you'll be doing most often. Some workouts require different support, cushioning, traction, and stability levels. If you're doing high-impact exercises or cardio, you'll want a mat with more cushioning to protect your joints. For yoga or suspension training, you might prioritize a mat with more grip and stability for holding poses.

One thing we often found when testing out mats though is that some options were too short, so we're only presenting mats that are at least 72 inches long. This way, you've got plenty of room to stretch out or utilize equipment like slam balls or dumbbells. But thickness is more a matter of taste and environment. For example, if you're exercising on hardwood floors or concrete, consider a squishier mat, but if the surface is carpet or grass, a thinner, non-slip mat with a bit of weight is probably more ideal for stability and support. So who makes the best mat for your money? We stretched and sweated on a handful and narrowed them down to these three best options, in a range of price points.



The Thick Mat

• Made of a dense NBR foam that's soft, squishy and supportive

• 25 mm thick and 72 inches long

• Carrying strap included

• Lighter in weight, but tends to move slightly on the floor

Solana mat,
$39.99 by Retrospec


The Durable Mat

• Made from durable PVC with a water-resistant surface to help you hold positions

• 5 mm thick and 72 inches long

• Marked with graduated line measurements to help make you aware of your angles for bodyweight training

• Comes with a six-year warranty, as well as a free trial of the TRX Training Club app

Suspension training mat,
$69.99 by TRX


The Non-Slip Mat

• Made from high-density foam that feels substantial, but isn’t stiff and offers maximum cushioning

• 9 mm thick and 72 inches long

• Lightweight, adjustable carrying strap included

• The textured underside keeps the mat from slipping, even during intense HIIT workouts

Training mat 2.0,
$75 by Nike

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