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Best high-intensity interval training workout apps

Feel like you just don’t have much time to exercise? That's no excuse. In fact, high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, makes it easy to squeeze in fitness even when you're short on time. Or perhaps the better word is efficient, since the whole point of HIIT is upping the intensity to get the biggest benefits. You push yourself from one burst of exercise to the next, followed by short rest periods. Several studies have concluded that HIIT workouts help you burn fat and tone muscles effectively. Other research suggests HIIT can often be better than moderate exercise at maximizing your overall health and reducing the risk of disease.


Workout Apps

Freeletics Training Coach

This one, Europe's #1 workout app, offers a little bit of everything. Exercises and plans at every fitness level, plans to achieve various goals along with audio coaching to get you through the most grueling of workouts and make sure you're training properly. There are more than 900 workout variations that vary in length from 10 to 30 minutes.

Free on
iOS and Android

HIIT Timer
& Interval Timer

If you just want a simple timer to keep you on track for your own exercises, this is a no-fuss counter with clear audio and visual cues for switching between intervals or resting between circuits. What makes this better than other timers, is that it doesn't interrupt your music.

Free on iOS


The name says it all. This app offers up seven-minute workouts based on scientific studies to ensure you see maximum benefits in the shortest time possible. Set your goal and fitness level, and then follow the app's guidance for a head-to-toe workout that targets your goals.

Free (with in-app purchases)
on iOS and Android


Scan and stream over 100 different workouts led by industry-leading personal trainers on your phone, TV or even your Apple Watch. Membership gives you unlimited access to 10 or 25-minute classes that range from strength-training with dumbbells or resistance bands to combat cardio and yoga. Plus, you can track your stats and monitor your heart rate and calorie burn.

Free (with in-app purchases)
on iOS

Seconds Pro Interval Timer

One of the most-recommended by personal trainers, this app keeps you on track. It features pre-set interval timers for HIIT and Tabata workouts, with well-designed, color-coded displays that can be easily read from a distance. You can also coordinate your music with your workouts and have the app speak your intervals so you don't have to look at the screen.

$4.99 on
iOS and Android

Interval Run

This app is like having a trainer in your ear, guiding you through a workout with vocal feedback. It will tell you when to start running, when to push yourself and when you've earned a rest. We found it helped us focus on the movement instead of watching the clock. In addition to well-reviewed Tabata workouts, you can customize longer runs and workouts as well. And yes, you can choose different coach voices.

$1.99 on iOS

Sore Muscles?

From heated, undulating pillows to targeted percussive guns endorsed by pro athletes, there are a wide variety of massage tools at your disposal to help alleviate tension along with any muscle soreness and stiffness.

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