The Stylish '60s Crime Drama
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“I Am the Night” is a noir-tinged limited series based on true events

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If you haven't heard about I Am the Night, get ready. You will be. The six-part limited series, premiering on TNT in January, is as stylish as it is sinister. Set in 1965, it recounts the true story of Fauna Hodel (played by India Eisley), who was given away at birth. As Fauna starts unraveling the secrets to her past, she follows a disturbing trail that leads her to Los Angeles. She eventually meets a former Marine-turned-hack-reporter (played by Chris Pine), haunted by the events that undid him. Together, they follow a string of clues which steer them ever closer to Dr. George Hodel, an infamous gynecologist linked to some of Hollywood's most debaucherous secrets—and possibly, a suspect in one of America's most notorious unsolved murders. Directed by Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins, the edgy noir drama will hit the spot for those missing Sharp Objects and True Detective.

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