Riding Solo for Valentine’s Day?

Steve Martin in Ein Single Kommt Allein

Solo for Valentine’s Day?

The ultimate game plan for when you’re not tied down on the big day

Valentine’s Day has been one of the biggest Hallmark holidays for decades, and it's likely made the majority of people more frustrated than happy. This year it's on the worst possible night of the week—Friday. It makes for limited options to grab a nice dinner and results in tons of desperate people at every bar. If you're taking on the night without a significant other, look on the bright side.

First off, don't wallow the night away. You have nothing to feel bad about because being single isn't anything to be ashamed of. Singledom can be a gift that allows for free-thinking and self-expression without the distraction of a partner, says psychotherapist and life coach David Waters. "A single life which has purpose and passion may be just as sustaining and meaningful as for any couple profoundly in love."

Think of this as the perfect excuse to have a night in and treat yourself to some much-needed self care. Here's how we'd take on the night.


Guide to a Solo
Valentine’s Day

Hit The Gym

The place should be a ghost town, so you'll have free reign. Head there straight after work and try a new workout. Give Kevin Hart's core workout a try or even Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's intense total-body shred that's getting him ready for the new Matrix movie. A good sweat session will put you in a great mindset for the rest of the night and allows for the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Get Comfy, Not Sloppy

Now, once you've showered and gotten home, it's time to put on something comfortable for a night of relaxation. But you're better than some cheap sweats and a ratty T-shirt you've had since college. Try upgrading to these elevated basics—from a cozy cardigan that'll keep you warm and some luxe joggers to slippers built for indoor and outdoor wear.

Valentine's Day at home outfit'

Clockwise from top left:

Seed-stitch washable cardigan, $149 by L.L. Bean; Tri-blend tee, $48 by Cuts;
Ace micro-sanded sweatpants, $78 by Mack Weldon; Stag slippers, $72 / $56.98 by SeaVees

Make Dinner for One

Put that cast iron skillet we've recommended to good use by searing yourself a proper steak. If you're still looking for a quality option, invest in one from Smithey. Follow this easy recipe from Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Julia Moskin for the perfect cast-iron steak. And, personally, I'd recommend adding St. Elmo's Steak Seasoning to make your meat even more incredible.

No. 12 cast iron skillet,
$200 by Smithey

Cap off your meal with a nip of bourbon from any special bottle you've been saving.

Call It Early

Sleep is deeply undervalued. You know it and I know it. Some even claim it's our superpower. Check out this Ted Talk from Matt Walker, who discusses how sleep affects your testicles, and you just may start going to bed early a bit more regularly.

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