Shoot From the Hip

The coolest flasks for men

Shoot From
the Hip

10 stylish flasks
to ensure you drink well

Today in unofficial, slightly made-up holidays: it's Repeal Day. It was on this day, 85 years ago, that the 21st Amendment of the constitution was ratified, putting an end to Prohibition. Before this glorious ratification, the manufacturing and transporting of "intoxicating beverages" was illegal. Of course, the demand for drinks didn't wane. Bootleggers sold it and speakeasies across the country continued serving hooch—they simply had to do it stealthily.

What better way to commemorate the occasion than with a nip from a flask. After all, drinking in public is technically illegal in most places (editor's note: we certainly wouldn't recommend breaking the law), but sometimes a quick swing from a trusty flask can really hit the spot.

That's the whole point, right? A flask's purpose is not to get you sloshed. Well, not exactly. Its purpose is to grant its owner a slight reprieve. To clandestinely take the edge off a stressful situation. And we're about to be knee-deep in stressful situations: the holidays, end-of-year work bullshit and winter weddings. Stealing a sip from your pocket is all but guaranteed to help you get through it with a smile on your face.

And while traditionally, a flask's duty has been about offering drinkers their go-to spirit on-the-go, clever gentlemen today have raised the bar. Feeling like an upgrade? Impress your pals with your industriousness by swapping the standard straight spirit for a premixed cocktail. You still want something that packs a punch, and it will have to stand on its own at room temperature so go for darker, stirred and spirit-heavy cocktails like Manhattans, Boulevardiers or Rob Roys.

It's portable and potent. No shaking necessary. No garnishes required. Hell, you don't even need a glass. That's the ease that your flask provides. It's there for you like a personal insurance policy ensuring that you won't have to suffer through a stressful situation. When it comes to choosing a flask though, it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the choices out there. So we've compiled the best ones on the market today in a range of styles, prices and materials. Happy drinking.


Your Options

Filson Leather-Wrapped Flask

Leather-wrapped flask,
$85 by Filson

Izola Matte Stainless Steel Flask with Canvas Sleeve

Matte stainless steel flask with canvas sleeve,
$42 by Izola

Stanley Powder-Coated Rolled Steel Flask

Powder-coated rolled steel flask,
$31.45 by Stanley

Best Made Co. Pewter Grip Flask

Pewter grip flask,
$88 by Best Made Co.

J.W. Hulme Leather-Covered Flask

Leather-covered flask,
$125 by J.W. Hulme

Snow Peak Curved Titanium Flask

Curved titanium flask,
$149.99 by Snow Peak


Misc. Goods Co. Ceramic and Leather Flask

Ceramic and leather flask,
$92 by Misc. Goods Co.

The Sneerwell Hand-Etched Stainless Steel Flask

Hand-etched stainless steel flask,
$65 by The Sneerwell

Izola The Hell With Work 3 oz Flask

"The Hell With Work" 3 oz. flask,
$24 by Izola

BarMe Hammered English Pewter Flask

Hammered English pewter flask,
$47.97 by BarMe

How to clean your flask

How to Clean Your Flask

When you're done drinking, immediately rinse it with hot water and a few drops of dish detergent. Rinse thoroughly and place the flask upside down to drain. Allow to fully dry before storing.

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