The Best Meal Kits
and Delivery Options for Men

We tried them all to bring you the best options
for easy, satisfying meals at home

Best meal kit delivery services for men in 2019

For the past few years, meal delivery services and meal kit brands have popped up in all corners of the web. Maybe you've tried one or been over to a friend's house who espoused the virtues of such services. Or, at least, the promises they provide. For the uninitiated, they work like this: Sign up, determine how many meals you want and you'll either be sent a box full of carefully portioned ingredients ready to be cooked or a fully prepared meal, ready to be heated.

It all feels very millennial, right? The promise of eating well, with little to no grunt work, all ordered up with a few taps on your phone. Perhaps that's why there are so many damn Instagram ads promoting such services. Of course, people who cook can't believe some people would pay a premium just to have their herbs chopped and parmesan cheese pre-measured. But for those who aren't all that confident in the kitchen and are sick of relying on Postmates, they can be a real lifesaver.

Several people we've talked to said that these services have been a gateway drug of sorts. They've helped people get comfortable cooking. Discovering how to build a plate of food that pairs well together—even learning about what wines to serve with them. We tested a handful of the most popular ones to determine which were worth of the money (and effort). Because no matter how you're looking to cook, there's an option worth trying.

What we discovered was that some kits are outstanding—they make cooking a joy (and one hell of a date night experience). Other meal deliveries made tough workweeks carefree when it came to eating or kept us on track nutritionally when we didn't have the time to meal prep. While there are a lot of choose from, here's the good news: nearly all of them offer discounts on your first order. Which takes the sting out of trying them (and it means you could test out a few before ever paying full price). And you should give them a try. Herewith, the five that topped our team's list.


Best Meal Kit
Delivery Services in 2019

The OG Standard

Blue Apron

One of the first on the scene, Blue Apron has continued to stay on top by continuing to update and adapt. You can now get healthy meals, vegetarian options (including Beyond Meat) and even add on a separate wine subscription with bottles that pair nicely with your chosen meals. Several testers have continued to make the recipes that came in their kits.

Standout Meal

Summer vegetable risotto with crème fraîche and charred fresh corn


From $8.99 per serving,
at Blue Apron

When You Don't
Want to Meal Prep

Kettlebell Kitchen

By far our favorite of the group, these generously portioned meals are specially formulated to help you reach your nutrition goals—be it losing weight, gaining muscle or sticking to a Keto diet. Each meal is chockfull of healthy, nutritious vegetables and all the calculations for macros and calories are listed out for you. What really impressed us was how well these kept in the fridge and reheated throughout the week.

Standout Meal

Tender grass-fed steak with hearty herbed yuca, served with creamy cilantro-lime sauce and pickled red onion


From $10.15 a meal,
at Kettlebell Kitchen

For Vegetarians and Vegans

Purple Carrot

Are you interested in eating less meat but stumped as to what to cook when it comes to plant-based meals? This is a great service to help guide you along with a varied assortment of vegetarian and vegan meals that are both satisfying and filling. You can also add in extras to your kits that can sub-in for healthy and wholesome breakfasts, snacks and lunches for a complete diet overhaul (think peanut butter overnight oats, tofu Bahn mi wraps and Caesar salad with spiced chickpeas).

Standout Meal

Tofu peanut stir-fry bowls with charred green beans and midnight grains


From $7.99 per serving,
at Purple Carrot


The Reliable
Ready-Made Option


If you don't want to cook but want healthier options than takeout and tastier meals than what you'd find in the frozen aisle, this is for you. Freshly's convenient meals come ready-to-go in a microwaveable container. Nuke it for three minutes and the food comes out perfectly cooked (as in no cold spots, no overcooked edges and no burning your tongue). Because they're individually portioned, these are really good for those who want easy lunches throughout the week as well.

Standout Meal

Grilled chimichurri chicken over paprika-dusted roasted zucchini with plantain cakes


From $8.99 a meal,
at Freshly

Foolproof Cooking


If you want to cook, but don't really want to do any of the prep work required, this is the kit for you. Gobble's team of sous chefs do the prep work (chopping, mincing, marinating) and their meals are designed to be cooked in one pan—you can unpack, cook and plate your meal in about 15 minutes. And since you've got professional chefs helping you out, the meals tend to be a bit more upscale. Think honey and harissa glazed shrimp, Cuban mojo chicken and Thai basil pork with coconut rice.

Standout Meal

Pan-seared salmon with arugula and apple sorghum salad


From $11.99 per serving,
at Gobble


The percent of college-educated men cooking increased from 37.9% in 2003 to 51.9% in 2016.

(Source: Nutrition Journal)

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