Weekend Pairing

“Uncut Gems”
+ a Liquid Gold Cocktail

Uncut Gems movie and a Liquid Gold cocktail

The Safdie brothers are not only fantastic writers and directors, but they are also avid NBA fans. Both of those worlds collide in Uncut Gems, a wild ride of a film about a charismatic New York City jeweler. Adam Sandler plays Howard Ratner, an adrenaline-junkie diamond dealer and gambling addict who's on the lookout for the next big score.

Ratner's small-time hustler ambitions get him way over his head when he gets mixed up with, of all people, the NBA's Kevin Garnett (playing himself). The film has been earning rave reviews and Sandler himself is getting tons of praise, even being touted as a likely Oscar nominee as Best Actor. Oh and GQ says he might be the most stylish film character in all of 2019, though I'm not so sure, myself.

Your Pairing:

Liquid Gold cocktail recipe from Kitchenette

Stick with the jeweler theme and whip up a batch of Liquid Gold cocktails from Kitchenette. An unconventional take on a classic mulled winter drink, this has cloves and cinnamon infusing fresh pineapple juice and a hearty pour of dark rum. Garnish with a torched hunk of pineapple, because hey ... why not?

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