The Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Best home cold brew makers in 2021

The Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Seven of the most reliable brewers to suit your style and budget

Compact cold brew maker with a Borosilicate glass carafe by OXO ($29.99)

Making cold brew at home might’ve seemed like a luxury, or perhaps a burden, since it requires a special brewer and a day's worth of waiting. But it doesn't have to be all that difficult. And during a summer where you might not be heading to the coffee shop on your way to work, a home-brew rig can come in handy and pay for itself in no time.

Way better than chilling traditionally hot-brewed beans, cold brew coffee is steeped for an extended period of time, leeching a slightly sweeter, less acidic flavor from the grounds. Gone is nearly all of the bitterness—replaced with all of those rich caramelized underlying flavors coffee snobs like to brag about. Which could explain why the concept has hit the mainstream over the past few years.

But which one's right for you? We've assembled the most reliable brewers on the market. From simple pitchers that are straightforward and easy to clean to more advanced options that look great sitting out on a countertop, here are the tried and true models worth you money.


Best Cold Brew
Coffee Makers in 2021

Simplest to Use

Everything about this pot-style brewer is easy. Simply put your grounds in the wide mesh basket, pour your water through it and 24 hours later you've got 32 ounces of flavorful coffee without any bitterness or gritty sediment. The bottom of the filter screws off for easy cleaning, plus everything is dishwasher safe.

$15.99 by Primula

Quickest Brew

The only downside to cold brew is the time it takes steeping. Flip the switch on this electric brewer and it squeezes out a surprisingly full-flavored batch of coffee in just 25 minutes. Aficionados may notice a cloudier consistency and lack of nuance to the coffee, but you might be willing to make the trade considering this is about 10 times faster than a typical brewer.

$185 / $79.95 by Cuisinart

Most Consistent

This compact rig creates a rich concentrate that's consistently smooth and silky. It's not too strong and there's none of the oiliness or grittiness that comes with some brewers. Depending on how long you let it steep (anywhere from eight to 24 hours), you can make straight cold brew or concentrate. The unique “rainmaker” lid trickles water evenly onto the grinds to maximize their “bloom.”

$29.99 by OXO


The best way to improve the taste of your coffee—regardless of brewing method, but especially when cold brewing—is grinding your beans right before you make your coffee. Using a coarser grind will ensure the filtration process is easier and the resulting cold brew will taste far less bitter.

Counter-Worthy Design

The slow-drip method is the connoisseur's choice of brewing—you've likely seen these devices at coffee shops. Instead of pouring a bunch of grounds into water and letting it sit, this lets water drip through the grounds using gravity and melting ice. The result is a brighter, virtually grit-free brew. And the wood and glass setup looks nice sitting out as well.

$40.99 by Soul Hand

The Space Saver

Some of these brewers can be pretty big. If space is limited (or you've got a small apartment-sized fridge), try this sleek glass carafe that is made from super-durable Japanese borosilicate glass. It brews, stores and serves chilled coffee while fitting neatly in the door of most refrigerators.

$49.50 by Hario

Longest Lasting

This durable glass and stainless steel brewer is built to last and makes up to 14 servings of cold brew concentrate. The streamlined design easily fits on most refrigerator shelves and is incredibly easy to use. Plus the built-in tap dispenses your brew quickly without any mess.

$99.99 by KichenAid


This slim double-walled bottle brews your coffee overnight and then is ready to take with you in the morning.

$40 by Soma

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