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+ a Brown Derby Cocktail

Darren Criss in Hollywood series from Netflix

You know what sounds good? Escaping to a time before this pandemic. To an era and place where the setting is beautiful, the people are suave and dreams come true. Of course, such a place doesn't really exist but the classic Hollywood myth still sounds pretty good. That shiny veneer and its seedier underbelly is what Netflix's new limited series from Ryan Murphy is all about.

Hollywood isn't just a tale about hustling to make money while trying to keep your aspirations alive; it focuses on a group of up-and-coming creative types (played by an impressive cast led by Darren Criss) in post-World War II America. Rolling Stone says it's “equal parts love letter to the films of the Forties and fantasy about how much more inclusive showbiz could have been back then—and how different the real world might have been as a result.” The show will definitely take my mind off of the chaos of 2020 and I know just what to mix up while I'm escaping ...

Your Pairing:

What should you sip while enjoying this good-looking streamer? How about an impressive yet easy cocktail that can made with ingredients you likely already have on hand. The Brown Derby cocktail, which Chowhound has the recipe for, is a balanced blend of bourbon, grapefruit juice and honey. It was invented at the Vendôme bar in Hollywood in 1930, though it was named for the iconic 20th-century Los Angeles diner. It's tart and bright, but the bourbon softens any sharp edges.

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