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“The Umbrella Academy”
+ a Whiskey Sour Cocktail

The Umbrella Academy The Umbrella Academy

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy follows a dysfunctional family of wayward would-be superheroes who occasionally find a way to combine their talents to do extraordinary things. But often, they fall victim to their own egos and insecurities, which pushes the world even closer to the brink of an apocalypse. High stakes, right?

If you weren't one of the 45 million who watched the first season, Vanity Fair says that if you're a fan of Harry Potter, X-Men, or the Avengers movies, you'll dig this franchise. I'd suggest watching the first season to get acquainted with this motley crew. If you did see it, then you're ready to pick up where the time-twisting character Five (played by Aidan Gallagher) dropped them off—in a Dallas alley leading up to the JFK assassination.

Your Pairing:

The show's vibe has an overall throwback quality to it. And since last season sent the group back in time to the '60s, it seems fitting to pair the show with a classic cocktail from the era: the whiskey sour. There's a simple structure behind all sours, the family of citrus-based cocktails, says Bon Appétit. Their easy-to-make recipe calls for bourbon and personally, I'd recommend Four Roses yellow label. Especially for mixing into cocktails, this offers a great depth of flavor for a remarkably low price.

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