You Need a Real
Cocktail Shaker

Best cocktail shakers

You Need a Real Cocktail Shaker

Your home bar
isn’t complete without one

If you’re interested in mixing drinks at home there's probably no more fundamental a piece of equipment to start with than a cocktail shaker. You'll use it to whip up virtually any cocktail containing citrus—think Gimlets, Daiquiris, Whiskey Sours and Sidecars—and the addition of a bar spoon would allow you to prepare stirred drinks in it as well (although you wouldn't want this to be your permanent arrangement, for a variety of reasons).

Of course, there's no shortage of shakers on the market to choose from, and there are even a variety of styles—all of which offer pros and cons in terms of form and function. The Boston shaker is probably most common at bars. It's a two piece set up, usually with a metal tin and a pint glass, where the former is typically slammed upon the latter to form a seal, then inverted, shaken, “popped,” topped with a strainer and poured into your glass. The cobbler shaker is probably the most common version found at home. It's a three piece vessel with built-in strainer. Each offer their charms, but here are a few we'd recommend, depending on what you're looking for.


Our Picks

The Pro’s Preference

This is an upgraded version of the Boston shaker. And it's what you're most likely to find professionals slinging at any respectable establishment. Koriko's is the industry standard because it's lightweight and durable. It offers quick chilling, a near seamless interior to reduce unwanted ice chipping, and an expanded distance for ingredients to travel within, but it can be tricky to use—especially for amateurs.

Set of weighted shaking tins,
$23.98 by Koriko

My Personal Favorite

Perfectly confident with my amateur status, I prefer cobbler shakers so I don't have to deal with forming and breaking of a seal for safe shaking. This easy-to-find and well-designed version is great because the sleek shaker is comfortable to hold and has a built-in jigger along with a small lip at the seam which makes it a snap to open. It's on the small side—just 18 ounces—which is perfect for one or two cocktails. But the brand also makes a 24 ounce model that is just as purposeful and better suited for more drinks.

SteeL shaker,
$38.99 by OXO

The Elevated Option

This gorgeous and curvaceous cobbler shaker is clean and slick, and definitely getting floated past my family who may be searching for a fine Father's Day gift. This model has a large capacity, a tight strainer and durable silicone gaskets to ensure no leaks. As with the OXO shaker above, the lid doubles as a measuring cup, but this one covers a range from ¼ ounce to six ounces. And the vacuum insulated double wall construction keeps your drinks cold and won't freeze your hands or leave condensation rings.

Elevated cocktail shaker,
$70 by Elevated Craft

The Statement Piece

If you'd like something that is more than just a cocktail shaker, consider this stunning pure crystal offering from Waterford. A Ball jar would arguably perform just as well, but it obviously wouldn't impart the glean, sparkle or style statement sitting atop a bar cart alongside the finest spirts. The old school shaker has a vintage look and can easily double as a mixing glass as well.

Circon crystal shaker,
$200 by Waterford

Cocktail shaker illustration

Don’t Shake It Short

Aim to shake most of your cocktails for at least 15 seconds to ensure adequate chilling and dilution.

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