The Best Pour-Overs at Any Price

Best pour-over coffee makers in 2023 Best pour-over coffee makers in 2023

The Best
at Any Price

It’s time to update your brewing method for your morning joe

Getting out of bed is never an easy task, but getting up to brew your favorite coffee is all you need to cure those morning alarm clock blues. Coffee is the gift that keeps on giving—from that familiar smell when you grind your beans to the nuanced taste, along with that much needed punch of energy that caffeine delivers. There's no better way to kickstart your day. There are several ways to brew your bean broth, but one of our favorites is the pour-over method.

Whenever you make coffee this way, the taste is pure, and you can really pick up the notes of your roast or the provenance of the bean. Usually, you want to buy a light to medium roast for pour-overs and save the dark for a French press or your afternoon espressos. Some people measure out the coffee grounds, or if you're like me, I use the max fill line on my coffee grinder as an indicator. After grinding, I place the grounds into a aluminum filter. I choose this because it's environmentally friendly and I never have to worry about running out of paper filters. I pour my heated kettle over the grounds lightly to start the blooming process, which helps open up the flavor profile of the beans. I do this at least three times until I have my allotted cups.

If you're a Keurig fan or other big-label machine lover, that's okay. There's no wrong way to coffee. But I find my coffee ritual to be meditative since it's so early in the morning and no one is awake yet. I've been asked, “Doesn't that take too long?” And I always say better coffee is worth waiting for than just pressing one button—once you make a good cup of pour-over for yourself, it's hard to go back. We've selected some great options for the beginning barista or the bean enthusiast. Just remember to save a cup for us.


The Best Coffee
Pour-Overs in 2023


This modern carafe (with integrated drip cone) allows you to take your coffee anywhere while keeping it hot. The double-wall stainless steel insulates heat while the leakproof lid ensures no spillage.

stainless steel carafe,
$79.95 by Miir

A Classic

What's a pour-over roundup without a Chemex? Often imitated but never duplicated, this timeless design has been around since 1941. Made from the same high-quality Borosilicate glass used for lab ware, it imparts no flavors or chemicals into your brewed coffee, while the wood collar protects your hands.

Eight cup classic pour-over set,
$46.95 by Chemex

The Starter Set

A stylish beginner's bundle for under $100. The flat-bottomed dripper features a unique hole and bump pattern for no-clog drainage and optimal extraction. The sleek double-walled carafe keeps your coffee fresh and warm. Plus, the bundle comes with 30 filters to get you started.

Stagg [XF] pour-over set,
$99 by Fellow

The Pro’s Favorite

Japanese brand Hario has some of the best kettles and pour-overs on the market today. This set includes a diner-style server with olive wood handle (that not only looks chic but ensures you don't burn your hand) along with a ceramic V60 dripper.

V60 pour-over set,
$80 / $75 by Hario


The Modern Option

This futuristic setup features an easy-to-clean silicone tray that holds any V60 coffee filter. The powder-coated stand has a matte finish and looks sharp sitting on your counter. To make cleanup simpler, every component comes apart and is dishwasher safe.

Coffee drip stand,
$120 / $98 by Lyfe

Just One Cup

The ideal set-up for those people who only require one cup. This double-wall mug will keep your hand cool while you're drinking and a pour-over that fits perfectly on it. All that's missing is your favorite bag of beans.

Coffee dripper and
double wall mug,
$16.49 by Bodum


This is the most expensive in the roundup and for a good reason. Ratio's coffee maker offers the quality of pour-over with the simplicity of a Mr. Coffee. Made in Portland, Oregon from handblown glass, it has a BPA-free water tank and handsome wood accents. With a push of a button, the grounds bloom (the stainless rain head evenly distributes water), and your coffee is prepared at the optimum temperature.

Eight coffee maker,
$645 by Ratio

An Outdoor Option

If you travel frequently outdoors, this collapsible drip apparatus is ideal. Made from durable stainless steel, just add a filter, your grounds of choice and put this over your go-to mug. You'll have fresh coffee in no time.

Collapsible coffee dripper,
$42.95 by Snow Peak

Weighing Grounds

Believe it or not, having the correct weight of coffee grounds makes all the difference in taste. This V60 drip scale will let you weigh your coffee and water while simultaneously measuring the extraction time—an essential item for enthusiasts of intense and tasty hand-drip coffee.

Coffee scale,
$60 by Hario

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