This New Pillow
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It's tailor-made to your own unique sleep needs. And the results are impressive.

Pluto personalized pillow

Shopping for a pillow is notoriously tough. Sometimes you're in a big box store, trying to ignore the looks from passing customers as you lay your head against a well-worn display model, thinking to yourself, "yeah, this seems good." Sometimes you're in a department store, squeezing pillows in well-designed packages that promise that they're perfect for back sleepers or side sleepers or sleep walkers. But no man is just one thing.

That's why after buying some pillow you're still tossing and turning and wondering why it's not as comfortable as it seemed in the store. Waking up on your stomach with a stiff neck, you'll ask yourself: "Perhaps I'm not a side sleeper who prefers down filling after all?" Maybe you swap it out. Or maybe you just settle for sub-standard sleep conditions. Which you know only leads to trouble.

There's got to be a better way, right? That's the question that led to the recently-launched start-up Pluto. The California-based company produces pillows custom tailored to your needs to help you fall asleep faster and stay in a restful sleep state throughout the night. How? When you go to the Pluto site, you'll fill out a quick, confidential questionnaire about your body, sleep habits and personal preferences.



Pluto personalized pillow

Your information is then analyzed to build a pillow that's optimized to suit your tastes and provide both comfort and support. All of the pillows feature a unique inner core, a pillow-within-a-pillow, if you will. The core is made from foam that provides structure and support. Of course, the exact thickness and density of the pillow will be based on your needs. Then there's the outer cover, which is soft and made from polyester microfiber, again adjusting the thickness to each customer's tastes. And taking things one step further, the pillow's surface is made from a silky cooling material that prevents your head or face from overheating.

The patent pending system can create more than two dozen variations of pillows to meet the needs of all types of sleepers. And if, for some reason, you're not pleased with what Pluto designed for you, there's a 100-day trial period. Not to mention a three-year warranty. There's also a handy reorder process, because Pluto's pretty convinced their pillow is the last brand you'll ever buy.

Pluto personalized pillow

$89 / $74
(with code SLEEPY)
at Pluto

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Without adequate sleep (seven to nine hours), your body starts to panic and floods your system with stress hormones like cortisol, which starts to thin and weaken your hair.

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