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The checklist for getting in and out of your place like a gentleman

Stylish home entryway and foyer inspiration

A handsome vignette from
interior designer Brian Paquette.

The entryway is often an undervalued place in a man's home. But it's the last place you see when you leave and the place that greets you (and your guests) when you arrive.The reality is that most of us lack the spacious foyers typically seen in movies or interior design coffee table books. But even the most minuscule of entryways can be fashioned into a smart looking vestibule that's as functional as it is handsome. The key is keeping the mess to a minimum while maximizing the utility. Remember, a clean space will always look larger than a cluttered one. After all, you don't need a lot in this area. But you will want to make sure it covers the necessities of any entryway—a landing pad for your mail, somewhere to stash your keys and other everyday carry items, along with a place to put on your shoes and give yourself a once-over before heading out the door.


The Essentials

Trays and boxes are smart ways to house your everyday items while keeping the space tidy and pulled together. A wall-mounted mirror and a clock are two items you'll want to check before running out.

Courant Leather Catch-All With Wireless Charging

Leather catch-all with wireless charging,
$175 by Courant

Izola Get Lost Tray

"Get Lost" tray,
$15 by Izola

Project 62 Walnut Mirrow With Shelf

Walnut mirror with shelf,
$69.99 by Project 62

Newgate Table Clock

Table clock,
$35 by Newgate

West Elm Oxidized Storage Box

Oxidized storage box,
$49 / $29.99 by West Elm


Seating and Storage

You likely don't have a lot of room to work with, so opt for narrow pieces with a lean profile to maximize space. A place where you can toss your keys and put on your shoes. Here are different options in a range of sizes.

Most Modest Powder Coated Steel Shelf

Powder coated steel shelf,
$46 by Most Modest

CB2 Hidden Storage Wood Shelf

Hidden storage wood shelf,
$149 by CB2

France & Son Darrow Bench

Darrow bench,
$720 by France & Son

Yamazaki Magnetic Key Rack With Tray

Magnetic key rack with tray,
$22 by Yamazaki

Crate & Barrel Remi Console Table

Remi console table,
$299 by Crate & Barrel

Remi console table,
$299 by Crate & Barrel

Afteroom for Menu Steel and Marble Bench

Steel and marble bench
, $1,500 / $1,200 by Afteroom for Menu

Pur Cool Mint Gum

Biased Advice

Keep a jar of gum handy for guests and for grabbing before you head out the door. These minty Chiclet-style pieces are sweetened with all-natural, sugar-free (and dentist-recommended) xylitol.

Pur cool mint gum, $4.99 (for 55 pieces) at Amazon

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