The Home Office Essentials

Home office setup

The Home Office Essentials

If you have to work from home, make it as nice as you can

Working from home always sounds like a great way to work, until you end up trying to stay productive typing on the couch or wasting most of the day on some distracting side project. But at-home productivity isn't impossible—it simply takes a slight change of scenery. You want to outfit your workspace—wherever it may be—and invest in it the same way you would any other room. After all, if you're working full-time, you'll be in that workspace for as many hours as you'll be in bed (maybe more). Now's the time to get a handsome and functional desk, along with a complementary office chair. To get you started, we pulled together a few of our favorite options that are well-suited for any sort of living situation.



Crafted of solid wood with a top clad in supple leather, this is the ultimate gentleman's desk. Created by legendary Danish designer Jens Risom in 1968, it was resurrected by Design Within Reach, noting that Risom didn't refer to it as a desk. "It's a handsome piece of decoration at which you sit, at which you study, at which you read books," he said. "If people do that anymore."

Risom desk, $1,995 / $1,695
at Design Within Reach

This lean all-wood desk has cantilevered legs that project the top forward for a sharp look that feels at once modern and vintage. The smaller footprint helps it fit into corners of rooms or smaller spaces. And the slim pencil drawer can be assembled on either side, to suit both lefties and righties.

Stash desk,
$499 by Blu Dot

If you're not the type to work from home much, then a simple, yet sturdy no-nonsense writing desk will do. This one, from office-supplier Laura Davidson, has a heavyweight wood top and powder-coated steel base, which means no wobbling, setting it apart from other affordable options on the market.

Davidson 40" table,
$195 by Laura Davidson

Short on floor space? This compact desk, manufactured in Denmark by Skagerak, is reduced to the bare essentials. It's comprised of two lean legs and a tabletop made from solid oak which can simply lean against the wall. Providing you just enough desk space when you need it, this compact piece can also function as a handsome console table when you don't.

George desk,
$959 by Skagerak


From the first name in office chairs, this reasonably priced option features a "3D Intelligent suspension back," which promises all-day comfort and support while letting you twist and turn in the chair with ease. Plus, the casters roll easily on carpet.

Sayl chair,
$510 by Herman Miller

These midcentury-styled chairs are obviously inspired by the original Eames design, but for a much more affordable price. They're actually the same chairs we have at the Valet. office and they've held up nicely for years. The mesh seating has just enough spring and keeps your back comfortable and cool.

SoHo mesh management chair,
$275 / $210 by Laura Davidson

Who says that office chairs have to have tall backs and wheels? This stylish upholstered chair, designed in collaboration with Fred Segal, sits atop sleek angled oak legs for a masculine, minimalist look. It's the perfect option for more understated living room work stations.

Venice studio task chair,
$299 / $254 by CB2

This pared-down option looks like it might not be enough. But then you sit in it and feel how it cradles your form and you're surprised at the comfort a chair made from "molded polypropylene" can be. Inspired by 1950s designs, the chair comes in six different shades and the five caster legs make for a smooth rolling experience.

Sveti office chair,
$69 by Article

Finishing Touches

Satechi Desk Blotter

Desk blotter,
$29.99 by Satechi

Shinola Dual Power and USB Port

Dual power and USB port,
$145 by Shinola

Toyo Japanese Tool Box

Japanese tool box,
$23 by Toyo

Nomad Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless charging stand,
$60 by Nomad

EletecPro Headphone Stand

Headphone stand,
$12.99 by EletecPro

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