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Guys who don’t wear a watch will tell you, we aren’t at a loss for time-telling devices these days. There's a clock on your phone and in your car. Maybe there's one on your cable box or microwave. And while we can respect a man's right to choose what he does and doesn't need, might we suggest getting a wall clock for your place?

These old school implements of time count the hours in a different way. Unlike checking your watch or phone in a sense of urgency, a wall clock somehow celebrates the passage of time—it makes slowing down and waiting around at home look good. And they do make for alluring three-dimensional design elements. They're both masculine and utilitarian. We find they come in handy in the kitchen or office where time is of the essence. They're defintiely handy in an entryway.

But which to choose: is your personal style suited for a ruggedly old school design, like a reissue of IBM's standard issue clock or a refurbished antique timekeeper? Or do you gravitate towards something a bit more modern, like the popular analog flip clock or a midcentury icon? No matter what you choose, there's something nostalgic and reassuring about a clock on the wall.


Our Picks

Rejea Auto Flip Clock

Auto flip clock,
$63.99 by Rejea

Newgate Quad Wall Clock

Quad wall clock,
$189 by Newgate

Threshold Schoolhouse Clock

Schoolhouse clock,
$20 by Threshold

Schoolhouse 1960s IBM Standard Issue Clock

Made in Portland with a spun steel case and domed glass lens

1960s IBM standard issue clock,
$249 at Schoolhouse

CB2 Carlo Marble Clock

Carlo marble clock,
$69.95 by CB2

A legendary mid-century piece, available in six color variations, that’s included in MoMA’s permanent collection

Nelson ball clock,
from $435 at Design Within Reach

Antique Factory Clock

Antique factory clock,
$390 at 1stDibs

Bulova Vintage Advertising Clock

Vintage advertising clock,
$895 / $720 by Bulova

RH 1940s Gymnasium Clock

1940s gymnasium clock,
$275 / $140 at RH

Shinola Runwell Clock

Built in Detroit with a continuous sweep movement and matte powder coated bronze case

Runwell clock,
$550 by Shinola

Allen Shakir and Ewa Bryzek Oak Delta Wall Clock

Oak Delta wall clock,
$140 by Allen Shakir and Ewa Bryzek


Daylight Saving Time was not formally adopted in the U.S. until 1918.

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