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Wood Bath Mat

Best wood bath mats

You Want
a Wood Bath Mat

You probably just don’t know it yet

The bathroom is often the last place that gets your attention when it comes to design. But the time we spend in there is sacred. It's where we go to recharge and refresh. It's where we work on ourselves to present the best version to the world. And if you're like me, it's where you light up a candle and settle in for a long, hot restorative soak. But even if you're the type that prefers a quick, simple shower, stepping onto a cold floor—or worse, a soggy fabric bath mat—is no way to start the day.

A wooden bath mat is a stylish upgrade that's both sleek and modern looking, despite having a long history rooted in Japanese onsen culture. Whether you opt for bamboo, teak or fragrant Hinoki wood, the simple swap gives any humble bathroom the indulgent feel of a high-end sports club's sauna. What's more, because they're so durable and low-maintenance, these mats are investments that you'll get years of use from. Think about it ... wouldn't you like to step onto smooth wood when getting out of the bath or shower?


The Best
Wood Bath Mats

The Citizenry Hinoki Wood Bath Runner

Hinoki wood bath runner,
$295 by The Citizenry

Tosaryu Hinoki Wood Mat

Hinoki wood mat,
$36 by Tosaryu

Rejuvenation Custom-Size Teak Wood Mat

Custom-size teak wood mat,
$119 by Rejuvenation

Bare Decor Giza Oiled Teak Wood Mat

Giza oiled teak wood mat,
$111.98 by Bare Decor

Mind Reader Bamboo Wood Tile Mat

Bamboo wood tile mat,
$29.99 by Mind Reader

Bed Bath & Beyond Teak Wood Mat

Teak wood mat,
$55 / $39.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

CB2 Ebonized Teak Wood Mat

Ebonized teak wood mat,
$49.95 by CB2

Terrain Bamboo Slat Wood Mat

Bamboo slat wood mat,
$28 at Terrain


A light application of any dish-washing soap and a quick rinse in warm water quickly eats away any stubborn soap scum.

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