Cooler Sleep
Is Better Sleep

Best cooling blankets in 2021

Cooler Sleep Is Better Sleep

The best cooling blankets for men

Do you naturally run hot? Have a history of waking up in the middle of the night, uncomfortably drenched in your own sweat? Perhaps you're simply realizing that while the seasons are changing, your bed is still living back in January, with a comforter or blanket that suddenly feels way too heavy. Trying to get to sleep while your bed slowly boils you from the inside is no way to get proper rest. Save yourself from this sticky hell and invest in some new bedding.

According to the Sleep Foundation, your core body temperature is a key factor in your natural sleep cycle. If your body can't remain cool during the night, your body doesn't release enough melatonin to keep you in a deep, restorative sleep. Thankfully, there have been outstanding advancements in fabric technology, allowing those who identify as human furnaces some relief during the night. Made from lightweight fabrics with technical elements, these cooling blankets are designed and engineered to breathe, wick away moisture and some even absorb excess heat from your body. Of course, the best blanket for you depends entirely on your personal style and bedding preferences.


The Best
Cooling Blankets
in 2021

Best Overall

If you want the fluffy feel of a comforter, but still want to keep cool, this blanket utilizes a temperature-regulating technology developed by NASA. Within the down-like filling, tiny microencapsulated beads called Thermocules absorb heat and offset temperature fluctuations during the night. Plus, it's got corner loops so it can be used as an insert inside of a duvet cover.

Lightweight cooling comforter,
from $149 by Slumber Cloud

Lightweight Option

One of the softest yet durable fibers around, bamboo naturally wicks moisture away from the body. And this jacquard-like knit pattern helps raise the fabric off the skin ever so slightly while the breathable knit encourages air circulation, so the blanket won't cling to your skin even in the most humid of conditions. Plus, it's one of the best deals we've found.

Bamboo blanket,
from $34.99 by DangTop

The Quilt

A more traditional take on a cooling blanket, this lightweight quilt is stonewashed for extra softness. Cut from 100% linen made from Belgian and French flax, it allows for easy air circulation while still providing the comfortable feel of a quilt wrapped around you. Garment-dyed for a stylish finish, it's probably the most attractive option as well.

Linen quilt,
from $279 by Brooklinen

The Weighted Blanket

Plenty of people swear by the benefits of weighted blankets for helping reduce anxiety and aiding in falling asleep faster, but you might worry that the added heft means added heat. This one, which comes in multiple weights, is made entirely from breathable materials and features a moisture-wicking duvet cover.

Cooling weighted blanket,
$199 / $139.30 by Gravity

The Throw

Want something cozy for afternoon naps or additional cover without curling up with an overly warm woolen throw? This popular weighted blanket is made from a long-staple cotton that's been washed for extra softness The chunky knit has holes you can actually see through so breathability is guaranteed.

Cotton napper,
$249 by Beraby

Chill Your Pillow Too

Here are the web’s best reviewed cooling pillows, along with the one that has forever changed the way our editor now goes to bed.

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