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A storage solution that works for both big and small spaces

You’ve got stuff. We all do, right? And while there's no need to hang onto unnecessary clutter, what about the stuff we actually want to show off? You don't have to have a big wall of built-ins, but some well-stocked shelves speaks volumes about a man. A few stacks of books and a unique item you've brought back from a trip serve as a reminder—both to yourself and anyone who visits—that you're well-read, worldly and interesting. And when it comes to stylish shelving, wall-mounted is a smart decision.

Why? Well, for starters, it adds a nice shot of architecture to a room. Many come imbued with mid-century vibes that are as versatile as they are stylish. Plus, it frees up floor space, creating the illusion that a room is bigger and ceilings are taller. As for which set of shelves is best for you, that all depends on where you're in need of storage. They can work as a display case, a media center or simply functional storage in a kitchen or bathroom. Depending on where you place them on the wall, they can double as nightstands or even a floating entry table. Herewith, some of our current favorites.


The Best
Wall-Mounted Shelving

West Elm Sustainable Wood Floating Shelves
West Elm Sustainable Wood Floating Shelves

Sustainable wood floating shelves,
from $80 by West Elm

Vintage Poul Cardovius Teak Wall Unit

Vintage Poul Cadovius teak wall unit,
$2,345 at 1stDibs

AllModern Lohan Shelving

Lohan shelving,
$136 by AllModern

Jayson Home Raffia Shelf

Raffia shelf,
$295 at Jayson Home

CB2 Modular Triple Shelf
CB2 Modular Triple Shelf

Modular triple shelf,
$3,065 by CB2

Burrow Index Wall Shelf

Index wall shelf (set of four),
$1,300 by Burrow

Nils Strinning String Wall Shelving
Nils Strinning String Wall Shelving

String wall shelving,
$685 / $582.25 at Design Within Reach

Schoolhouse Swedish Utility Rack
Schoolhouse Swedish Utility Rack

Swedish utility rack,
$249 by Schoolhouse

Leonard Aldenhoff for Woud Stedge Shelf

Stedge shelf,
$305 by Leonard Aldenhoff for Woud

With Great Style,
Comes Great Responsibility

Feather duster illustration

If you’ve got shelves, you’ll need to dust them. Besides the allergic reaction, dust on surfaces can make furniture and items look dingy and dirty. Wood cleaner experts recommend dusting your surfaces at least once a month but ideally every other week.

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