How to Bring
Some Cool & Calm
Into Your Home

Japandi style home goods Japandi style home goods

How to Bring
Some Cool & Calm
Into Your Home

“Japandi” style is exactly
what we need right now

There’s a new interior design trend taking hold, but it's actually two classic aesthetics, combined into a hybrid look. And it makes perfect sense, especially for the moment we're in right now. According to predictions from Pinterest's 2021 trend report, the Japandi look—where thoughtful Japanese design meets Scandinavian minimalism—is on the radars of design-minded people worldwide.

It makes sense, considering the vibe is defined by soothing colors, clean lines and natural materials. Searches for terms like neutral color palettes, earth tones and wood furniture are up by almost 500% from last year's numbers. And Japandi style fits right into that sweet spot. It's minimal without being cold. It's functional without losing any of its elegance. What's more, it's casual and comfortable, thanks to the natural wabi sabi imperfections of the natural materials.

So how do you bring this into your place? First, you pare back the clutter. The zen you're trying to achieve begins with intentionality. One of the main tenets is a harmony between simple, practical designs that are also aesthetically pleasing. This means tucking clutter behind doors and organizing smaller items into baskets or storage bins—ideally made from natural materials. Every object in a Japandi home has purpose, but that doesn't mean that everyday items can't become artful accessories that are nice to look at. And you'll notice that many of the pieces are low-slung. Perhaps this makes a ceiling appear taller, making a room feel larger and more airy. Or maybe there's an inherent metaphor here about being down to earth. In any case, here are a few pieces that will bring the Japandi style into your home.


The “Japandi” Look

Urban Outfitters White Oak Nightstand

White oak nightstand,
$249 / $129 by Urban Outfitters

Creative Co-Op

Stoneware pitcher,
$19 by Creative Co-Op

All Modern Cane Lounge Chair

Cane lounge chair,
$450 by All Modern

Burrow Index Bookcase

Index bookcase,
$1,790 by Burrow

West Elm Charred Wood Coffee Table

Charred wood coffee table,
$399 by West Elm

Isamu Noguchi Akari Light Sculpture Model 1N

Akari light sculpture Model 1N,
$175 by Isamu Noguchi

Neat Method Perforated Acacia Basket

Perforated acacia basket,
$65 by Neat Method

Jayson Home Belmond Bench

Belmond bench,
$795 by Jayson Home

Russet The Sidekick Table

The Sidekick table,
$75 by Russet

Studio deFORM Zig Zag Low Shelves

Zig Zag low shelves,
$1,099 by Studio deFORM

Contrast Is Key

Contrasting shades of dark blues, black and grey with natural fabrics and wood tones is a signature of Japandi style. The matte-black ceramic base and simple walnut handle of this handmade mug is an ideal inspiration.

Ceramic mug, $60 by HMM

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