Sex Up
Your Sofa

Best statement sofas in 2022
Best statement sofas in 2022

Sex Up
Your Sofa

Curvy retro couches are cool, comfortable and ready to make your living room more stylish

Your sofa is often the anchor of your living room. And probably the biggest piece of furniture in the room too. So it shouldn't really be an afterthought. But for a while, it seemed like going simpler on the couch was a smart move. It could blend in and let the other pieces sing. Maybe it was being stuck with those boring sofas throughout the pandemic, but suddenly statement-making couches seem to be popping up everywhere. They're curvy and low, undulating in asymmetrical shapes straight out of the ’60s and ’70s.

Designers love them, of course. West coast interior designer Kelly Wearstler loves them because they're adaptable to different spaces. They're made to stand out, so they can work in almost any interior—and the sectional aspect of many allow them to be customized to whatever shape and size you need. Of course, the throwback style has become something of a status symbol lately too. For Wearstler's moneyed clients, they're willing to shell out for Swiss designer Ubald Klug's leather “Terrazza” sofa. And Kanye West famously sold one of his cars to feel better about dropping serious cash on an original polar bear couch by French designer Jean Royère.

For the rest of us with more modest bank accounts, there are plenty of new pieces inspired by these legendary designs. Like their predecessors, they're equally elegant, generously rounded and incomparably cushy. And who really needs the pedigree if you're not buying these for an investment? These couches below are all well-built and ready to be lounged in. They give your living room a louche, night club vibe without feeling sleazy and instantly inject a shot of cool, modernity to an otherwise simple room. And if you only use them for a few years and decide to move on, you'll have gotten your money's worth. Because this is more than simply a piece of furniture. A sculptural sofa is just that—a sculpture that makes a statement and also allows you to relax on it.


The Best
Statement Sofas

Jayson Home Siena Sofa
Jayson Home Siena Sofa

Siena sofa,
$2,695 by Jayson Home

TRNK Maura Modular Concave Sectional Sofa

Maura modular concave sectional sofa,
$10,095 by TRNK

HAY Quilton Sofa

Quilton sofa,
$2,995 by HAY

Article Solae Italian-Tanned Leather Sofa
Article Solae Italian-Tanned Leather Sofa

Solae Italian-tanned leather sofa,
$3,149 by Article

Sarah Ellison Muse Sofa

Muse sofa,
$2,995 by Sarah Ellison

CB2 Brace Boucle Sofa

Brace boucle sofa,
$1,899 by CB2

Rove Concepts Belia Section Sofa
Rove Concepts Belia Section Sofa

Belia sectional sofa,
$3,870 by Rove Concepts

France & Son Scarpa Leather Sofa

Scarpa leather sofa,
$6,999 by France & Son

West Elm Tehama Leather Sofa

Tehama leather sofa,
$2,999 by West Elm


The word sofa originated from the Arabic word “suffah,” meaning bench. The word itself dates back to 2,000 BC Egypt.

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