When It Comes to Lamps, Think Small

When It
Comes to Lamps, Think Small

Your place needs pockets of light

Best small lamps in 2022

Look around your home. How many lamps do you have? I'll venture to guess that you could use more. Don't think of them as merely implements of illumination. Because when a lamp is really good, it's not only functional, but it's a sculptural piece that ties together a vignette—tucked within a bookshelf; stationed on a bar cart or kitchen counter; topping a console table or nightstand.

Truly stylish interiors utilize the big impact small lamps make. These little pockets of light help delineate spaces and create texture within a room. “Especially in the age of the open floor plan, attention to lighting detail is key to balancing all of the spaces,” says interior designer Brian Paquette. He often incorporates a small lamp on a kitchen counter. It not only looks sharp, but it helps maintain a mood. “If after dinner you want to move from the kitchen/dining over to the living room which is all lit by table and floor lamps ... you don't want harsh lighting at full blast in the room adjacent,” he says. “It also helps balance all the hardness of a kitchen by blending in something from the living rooms aesthetic and softening the space—you can have it all ... bright light to cook and clean, then soft light to set the mood.” Remember, bigger isn't always better when it comes to lighting.


Best Small Lamps
in 2023

Nickey Kehoe Stoneware Dome Lamp
Nickey Kehoe Stoneware Dome Lamp

Stoneware dome lamp,
$1,800 by Nickey Kehoe

Rejuvenation Mid-Century Ceramic Lamp

Mid-century ceramic lamp,
$299 by Rejuvenation

Threshold Wooden Mini Lamp

Wooden mini lamp,
$12 by Threshold

Menu Jonas Wagel Concrete Lamp

Jonas Wagell concrete lamp,
$269.99 by Menu

Article Perforate Brass Lamp

Perforate brass lamp,
$79 by Article

CB2 Ornado Iron Lamp
CB2 Ornado Iron Lamp

Ornado iron lamp,
$169 / $119.99 by CB2

Schoolhouse Donna Polished Aluminum Lamp
Schoolhouse Donna Polished Aluminum Lamp

Donna polished aluminum lamp,
$499 by Schoolhouse

RH Utilitaire Adjustable Brass Lamp

Utilitaire adjustable brass lamp,
from $315 by RH

Greyleigh Aaline Lamp

Aalin lamp,
$65.99 / $51.99 by Greyleigh

Gantri Maskor Table Lamp

Maskor table light,
$198 by Gantri

Jayson Home Largo Petite Lamp

Largo petite lamp,
$78 by Jayson Home

West Elm Foundational Marble Lamp
West Elm Foundational Marble Lamp

Foundational marble lamp,
$159 by West Elm



Look for an LED bulb with a warm tone. It casts an ideal glow and will last you at least ten years. Our choice? Philips soft white.

$11.99 (for a 4-pack) by Philips

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