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Upgrade Your Bedroom With a Proper Dresser

Best six-drawer oak dressers in 2023 Best six-drawer oak dressers in 2023

Upgrade Your
Bedroom With a
Proper Dresser

They keep your stuff organized and look damn good while doing it

Even if you have an impressive walk-in closet, you’re probably going to want a dresser. They make for the ideal out-of-the-way storage spot, stashing socks, underwear, undershirts and other basics. Plus, they add a handsome design element to a bedroom—a place to showcase some framed photos and other mementos, or pull double-duty as a TV console. Hang a mirror or a painting over it and you've got a genuine focal point that makes your bedroom look a whole lot better.

In short, you don't want to be without a dresser. Trust me. I've lived without one for far too long. As a long-term renter, I've either had to hang everything or tuck items away into small totes just to stay organized. A dresser was low on our priority list because we knew we didn't have the space, and it would have been one extra thing we had to lug from apartment to apartment. But we've recently moved into a new house and are now in the market for a well-made piece of furniture to anchor our bedroom.

What makes for a reliable dresser, anyway? The configuration? Definitely. The depth of the drawer and the ease with which it slides? Those are important, too. But then, much like your wardrobe, you've got to decide the color and silhouette the fits your personal style. Because there's a whole lot out there. For me, the ideal dresser is neutral and adaptable, with a timeless design that can work in a multitude of rooms and homes. Currently, I'm into all-white walls and warm, hardwood floors so I'm looking for furnishings in natural oak to make a relaxed and inviting space. A sleek six-drawer dresser in white oak would complement our bedrooms well. You may ask, why six drawers? Well, we need all the available storage we can get, and symmetry is always eye-catching for interior design. The good news is that there are some really good options out there, no matter your budget. Of course, they're worth the investment because they should last you years—even decades, if you treat it right. Sure, it may cost you your sanity to assemble, but we've selected a few here that require zero tools and come with white glove delivery. After all, what's an extra delivery charge when it comes to staying organized?


The Best
Six-Drawer Dressers
in 2023

The Budget-Friendly

You'd be hard-pressed to find another dresser for this quality under $300. Finished with oak veneer, it has a much more expensive feel than others at this price point. That brand uses a special UV lacquer to help preserve the wood's natural structure and color. The drawers come out smoothly with a pull-out stop, and the handle-less front gives it a streamlined, modern feel.

Malm six-drawer dresser,
$299 by IKEA

The Room-Expanding

This handsome dresser makes a bedroom feel larger, since the peg-style legs lift the piece off the ground, opening up floorspace. The frame is crafted from solid oak and oak veneer, while the drawers are constructed from sturdy solid wood. The timeless look and ample storage space are aesthetically pleasing, but even better, there's no assembly required.

Juniper six-drawer dresser,
$2,027 / $1,115 by Joybird

The Well-Mannered

This low six-drawer dresser is constructed from oak veneer and has been engineered for tranquility. The premium soft-close glides prevent noisy slams, and an elevated lip around the edges prevents things from accidentally sliding off. The peekaboo handles make for an easy grip and give the piece a nice vintage vibe. The brand has also even built secure anti-tip hardware into the frame so you don't have to attach it to the wall for added security.

Prospect six-drawer dresser,
$1,899 / $1,609 by Burrow


The Mid-Century

This beautiful mid-century modern style dresser is minimal yet spacious with a distinct natural wood grain, so no two pieces are alike. The sleek, tapered legs and discreet drawer handles are all made of solid oak and the drawers feature smooth soft-close functionality. This dresser's depth also provides a roomy top for additional interior inspiration: like coffee table books or Scandinavian lamps.

Lenia six-drawer dresser,
$1,299 by Article

The Customizable

Floyd's dresser system can be placed in any order on their dresser base and is modular and customizable. Each dresser is made with high-quality materials like sustainably-sourced maple (not oak) veneer wood, and the powder-coated steel is scratch-resistant. If you don't want the usual drawers, you can customize them as doors or open shelves. The legs or base (whichever you select) also feature integrated levelers for added stability.

Three unit dresser,
$3,725 by Floyd

The Modular

This modular dresser is designed to fit any space. That's the whole point, says Sarah Willemart, Senior Industrial Designer at Thuma. “It allows you to change and adjust them as your needs evolve, giving you the freedom to adapt as life changes.” Each furniture piece is made of 100% upcycled wood—there are no wooden veneers here. Like the other brands, anti-tipping hardware is included; however, Thuma designed the bottom drawer to act as an anti-tip feature—whenever open, it stops the dresser from falling over. The curvature of the drawers creates clean lines and no tools are necessary for assembly. The best feature is the generous sub-set tray in the top drawer that doubles as a nice drop spot for all your daily essentials.

Upcycled six-drawer dresser,
$2,345 by Thuma


The average person will relocate 11 times throughout the course of their life.

How Veneer Works

Wood veneer
Wood veneer

When it comes to woodworking, the “veneer” is actually a paper thin cut of wood that’s applied to both sides of a strong core surface, like furniture-grade MDF or substrate material. This not only tends to make a piece of furniture more affordable, but it tends to stabilize it as well, since solid wood expands and contracts as the temperature changes.

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