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Best wood bed frames in 2022 Best wood bed frames in 2022

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Why you need an easy-to-move bed frame

To say the pandemic upended our way of living would be something of an understatement. Over the past two years, people have re-evaluated their jobs, relationships and where they're currently living. They've moved out of cities, back to cities or simply swapped places for more space and maybe a home office.

My family and I recently relocated, and while sometimes moving is necessary or comes with some serious upsides, it sure is a pain in the ass, right? Especially when you're carrying awkward furniture and bed frames up stairways and trying to maneuver around corners that are impossible to pass. Bed frames are the worst, in my opinion—particularly ones that don't break down into more manageable pieces.

Thankfully, we're living in an amazing time. There are bed frames being sold today that are handsome, well-made and engineered to move over and over again. What's more, a lot of them don't even require any tools—other than your bare hands and made a beer for your effort. Although some of these are a bit steep, think about the next time you have to move. The value of convenience is priceless, isn't it? What's more, they're all sturdy, squeak-free and really good looking. We've rounded up some of the best options on the market that will complement any bedroom style.


The Best Wooden
Bed Frames in 2022

The Minimal
Bed Frame

We just received this bed frame from Thuma and are kicking ourselves that we didn't purchase it sooner. It took less than 10 minutes to assemble and required absolutely no tools. Our bed frame came with the PillowBoard, but it can be updated with a full wooden headboard. Although the frame is minimal, it sits moderately high enough for storage underneath the bed. Lastly, the cushion-coated slats are designed to ensure noise minimization—so if you're an active sleeper, you shouldn't wake yourself or your partner up in the middle of the night.

The Bed,
from $895 by Thuma

The Modular
Bed Frame

Floyd is known for its all-natural birch veneer and durable steel frame supports. This low floating design is designed for ultimate customization—turn a queen into a king or outfit the frame with under-bed storage. The clean geometric lines and warm materials give the bed a sophisticated look that brightens any bedroom. This frame is easy to disassemble and put back together with ratchet straps for added stability.

The Bed Frame,
from $700 by Floyd

The Classic
Bed Frame

Much like Thuma, Burrow uses Japanese-inspired joinery and minimalist hardware to achieve a rock-solid, easily assembled bed. Their difference is that they use linchpin legs, which lock the rails together while anchoring the slats in place. You can add a headboard or go without. The smooth lines, color-matched finishes and minimal aesthetic fit with almost any interior decor and sits beautifully alongside both traditional and modern furniture.

Chorus bed frame,
$895 by Burrow


The Mid-Century
Bed Frame

The warm, soft-sanded walnut veneer of this sleek platform bed is influenced by the design of traditional teak Danish mid-century masterpieces. The sculpted frame is beveled with 45-degree edges that fall towards the center and the headboard almost floats over the base, which sits wide above slim tapered solid wood legs. The framing is secured with sturdy metal brackets to ensure that you'll have this bed frame for now and a potential move in the future.

Asher bed frame,
from $1,459 by Rove Concepts

The Leather
Bed Frame

The Sven bed frame is wrapped in a full-aniline leather that's smooth to the touch and untreated for a natural look. It features clean lines and a tall, tufted headboard, creating added depth and dimension. It's got the look of a high-end hotel room and the frame itself fits memory foam mattresses (like Casper) particularly well. The only downside is that it takes about an hour to put together or break down—hopefully, you have Taskrabbit downloaded.

Sven bed frame,
from $1,399 by Article

The Repurposed
Bed Frame

This sustainable headboard is made of teak planks repurposed from homes no longer in use in India. Each plank has unique characteristics with textured tones, active grain, natural knots, splits and markings. The lower frame is cut from solid mango wood with exposed peg joinery on low-profile block feet. No two bed frames are alike—truly making each bed frame one-of-a-kind. And while heavy, the whole bed comes together from just six pieces (plus the slats the mattress rests on).

Dondra bed frame,
from $799 by CB2

Just Update
Your Headboard

If you’ve got a standard bed frame or simply want to update the look of your bed, consider swapping out just the headboard instead of replacing the whole bed. This one, crafted from vegetable-tanned Portuguese leather, is lightweight and easy to hang.

Hanging leather headboard,
$695 by The Citizenry

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