Rev Up Your Walls

Rev Up
Your Walls

Porsche has collaborated with Backdrop on some auto-inspired paint colors

Porsche x Backdrop paints

Backdrop, the modern cool-kid paint brand, has joined forces with Porsche to release a limited-edition paint collection that pays homage to the iconic automaker for their 75th anniversary.

Sure, you've probably never seen a Porsche and thought, “I wish my home looked like that,” but the four car-centric hues are pretty damn good-looking. And they have a rich heritage: Irish Green made its debut on a Porsche 356C in 1964. Two of the colors (Speed Yellow and Ruby Star) first appeared on the Porsche 911 in 1991. And Riviera Blue is the newest of the four, having arrived on the scene in 1994. That one's been available on the Porsche 911, 928 and 968.

The colors would definitely look good as an accent—kitchen cabinets or bookcase maybe? And they'd certainly make an interesting conversation starter when someone compliments them. And as Autoblog notes, there's one more incentive to sweeten the deal for buyers—free keychains with each paint purchased.

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Buy It

Get a sample for $3 or a full gallon in Backdrop’s signature stainless steel can for $75.

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